Sunday, September 16, 2018

False Alarm

So yesterday, we had a false alarm labour.

It started just after lunch, around 2pm-ish. I started having contractions (though not painful). I tried to move around, drink water, lay on my right, hot shower... but the cramping still persisted. BUT it wasn't painful at all. Just an uncomfortable feeling of tightening around the tummy area, then release. My stomach was also hard to the touch. It was sort of like my earlier Braxton Hicks moments (they started about two weeks ago on and off), but what worried me was the frequency of the cramping and the fact that it wouldn't go away.

I remember when I was carrying Ian, I foolishly brushed off my actual contractions as Braxton Hicks. And look at how that turned out!!! By the time I acknowledged them as contractions, it was already very painful. By the time we got to the hospital, got my contractions monitored, changed, cleared bowels bla bla bla... there wasn't enough time for epidural.

This time around, I didn't want to take the risk. Dah la they say that labour progress will be quicker with the third child. Hence dengan kelam kabut I told Hubby to complete our hospital bag packing (yesssss banyak lagi rupanya last minute things yang belum masuk). Baru nak isi air zam zam, carik kurma, pack toiletries, yada yada yada. It turned out that we needed a bigger bag, so we had to change bags as well before we left. Kissed the kids goodbye and left home.

By the time we got to the hospital, it was just before Maghrib. They hooked me up to a contraction monitor, and as expected, it was registered as a mild contraction, and frustratingly irregular. The nurse did a VE and decided that the baby was still high up, so we were told to go home. *sigh* As I was walking out the emergency room, I still felt the contractions. We then went for a quiet dinner for two at Huckleberry Damansara Heights, and even then I was still having (painless) contractions every 7 -15 minutes apart. Baby AY was really pulling a fast one on me!

Arrived home and found that my helper had packed the boys' bags in preparation to head to the hospital. *giggles* The boys pulak wanted to 'see' the baby! Amboiiiii everyone is super excited to welcome the princess.

Nevertheless, this false alarm definitely showed us how unprepared we were for the actual thing. And I guess this reaffirms our decision - we will induce Baby AY tomorrow, and InsyaAllah she will be in our arms on the 18th. *18.9.18*

I hope you can spare a moment of your time to doakan for both this mummy and baby; that the delivery will be a smooth, quick and painless one. *kisses*

Just realized that I was so busy buying party frocks and tutus, that I did not buy any 'practical' butang depan clothes for newborns. Hence this was my last purchase for Baby AY - her going home outfit!


  1. semoga dipermudahkan urusan u... insyaa Allah..

  2. i doakan hope everything going smooth.inshaAllah..nnti baby AY sebayalah dgn anak Vivy.. eh
    tiba2 je kan hahahahaa

  3. Semoga dipermudahkan urusan bersalin! Tak sabar nak tahu full name baby AY =)

  4. semoga dipermudahkan ...
    my third baby pun saya false alarm juga ...
    doktor suruh balik ...
    bila balik rumah, esoknya betul2 contraction sebenar,
    lebih kurang jam 2 pagi dtg contraction, 8.30 pagi pergi hospital,
    jam 9.25 malam juga baru bersalin ... tapi saya mmg try the best tak nak kena induce...

  5. wah lama tak jenguk blog ni tau2 ko dh mom of 3. congrats lizzy.


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