Monday, January 18, 2010

Aiden, Madeline Most Popular Names For 2009

Yes, I know this is a bit late. Prolly the whole world knows that Aiden is the most popular boy's name for 2009. But I should still rub it in. When Fakhzan texted me the morning of 16th December, citing that above was published in that day's The Star, I was absolutely estatic! For I take credit for putting my foot down and being adamant that I wanted Aiden as my baby's name!

Aiden, Madeline Most Popular Names For 2009

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Do you know a child named Aiden or Madeline? Chances are someone will as they are the top names for boys and girls in 2009, while Jacob and Emma were the most popular of the decade.

"We've seen more spelling variations of both of this year's top names than we imagined possible - Aiden has also been Ayden, Aidyn, Aden, and Aaden and Madeline can be spelled Madeleine, Maddelin, and Madalen," said Candace Alper, the creator/executive producer of the musical web site

"Parents like the sound of traditional names, but they also want to show the individuality of their children. Parents realize that the name they give their child will become part of the child's identity," Alper said.

She said that variations on the name Aiden are also dominating both boys and girls names, such as Jayden, Brayden and Hayden, because the names are gender-neutral and can be spelled so many ways.

Her prediction for the next decade is that there will be more Edwards and a lot more Bellas being born due to the success of the Twilight film franchise.

Rounding out the top names for boys in 2009 were Matthew, Owen, Ethan, Jackson, Evan, Braden, Noah, Jack and Zachary.

For girls it was Madison, Emma, Hannah, Olivia, Audrey, Isabella, Grace, Taylor and Emily.

Top boy names of the decade were Jacob, Michael, Ethan, Christopher, Jack, Daniel, Aiden, William, Joshua and Ryder.

Top girl names of the decade were Emma, Madison, Emily, Hannah, Olivia, Samantha, Ashley. Ava, Elizabeth and Madelyn.

Soooo... let's start listing down all the Aiden's I have known so far:

1) My as-crazy-as-me future neighbour depan rumah. Her first born is Aidan (pronounced Aiden!)
2) My other future neighbour in Cahaya SPK, blog available here. Her miracle baby is Aidan.
3) My junior in BBGS's nephew, name is Ayden. Okay fine, I don't know the baby or the baby's mother personally. I just marvelled at his Aqiqah pictures.
4) A blogger whose blog I periodically visit. Her son's name is Aiden. Don't know her personally. The reason why I found her blog was because I Googled Aiden Irfan (months before Aiden was even born!) because I wanted to see whether anyone else had the same name (so kiasu!), and her blog was number one in the results page.
5) Aidan (pronounced Aiden) Connely. He was one of the Mechanical guys when I was in Sakhalin. He's older than me and Irish.
6) And of course, Carrie's boyfriend in Sex and the City! I soooo loved saying his name over and over again! So erm... unique?

Hmm.. I guess that's it! I better not start listing all the Irfan's I know. For I won't know where to stop!

Silly Billy

So what is the silliest thing that your hubby has ever done? If you had asked me the question yesterday, I would have told you about the day I made Nasi Lemak and ran out of timun (cucumbers). I then entrusted hubby with the grand task of searching for timun. He left the house, and five minutes after I received a call from him telling me that he couldn't find any.

Me: So did you find the timun?
Him: No! Kedai nie takde (this shop doesn't have any).
Me: Where are you?
Him: I'm at 7-Eleven.

I laughed until tears appeared.

But, what happened today takes the cake. This is officially the silliest thing hubby has done to date.

As you all know we have two cars. His is a Satria GTI. He loves his car, but because it is easier to travel with my car (mine is bigger and I hate his bucket seats), we are foreverrrr using Baby Beemer. To a point that we forget to start his car and end up having to change the battery. Now that he works in Singapore it gets even worse, because I simply cannot remember to panaskan the engine. So just last week hubby had to make another trip to get a new battery for his car yet again. This time, I was determined to make sure that I remember to panaskan the engine, because I need to use his car while Baby Beemer goes into Auto Bavaria for its periodical service.

And Baby Beemer is sooooo due for a service. It has been forever showing the coolant level as being low. But I simply do not have the time to schedule the service! Unfortunately yesterday while I was on the way to Cahaya SPK for the surau gotong royong, the exclamation mark lighted up and the symbol of a car being jacked up appeared in the front panel. Of course I freaked out! Went to Auto Bavaria (and missed the gotong royong) but they were closed. Just my luck!

My poor Baby Beemer :(

Anyway, that's not the point of the story. This morning as I was rushing out of the house to get to work, I decided to drive hubby's car. I knew I hadn't started the engine since hubby left for his La Liga trip, mainly because I knew I was going to have to use his car while Baby Beemer goes MIA. So there I was, hunting high and low for the GTI keys. Up and down, up and down. No keys. Got exasperated. The last time I remember seeing the keys was six days ago when hubby panaskan the engine just before he left for his trip. Tried calling hubby on his mobile but a Spanish machine lady kept answering on his behalf.

Finally, I decided to just use my car. I was already running late. Just as I was backing out of the driveway, I rolled down my window and told Bibik to try to open the GTI door. Mane la tau it was unlocked. And guess what? It was unlocked, the key was still in the ignition, the battery was flat and the fuel was at E(mpty)!!!!!! My silly billy hubby had forgotten to turn off the engine before we left the house!

Now now, I am not to be blamed for this one. I was already in my car when he decided to panaskan the engine. Of course I assumed he turned it off. And after dropping him off at his friends (they were going to LCCT together), I went straight to work. I guess the fuel must have ran out by the time I got back home from work!

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. But it was certainly the most talked about story among my friends today!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Danya's Welcome Home Tea Party

Dayang organized a "Welcome Home Danya" Tea Party (whatever that is - so typical BBGS style) to celebrate and welcome her bundle of joy, Danya Zafirah - who is already 3 months at time of writing. She justified the celebration by insisting that she did not have a baby shower or any celebration since she gave birth. As for us, we were just happy to attend! Food, good friends, why say No?

Unfortunately, the party had a theme of pink and purple. Pink is definitely out of the picture, so I was left with purple. And it is hard to play dress up in purple when your baby is a boy. I walked into every single baby shop in KLCC to find a purple top for Aiden. Yeah I found plenty of purple frilly frocks, cardigans, bows... but nothing for a boy! The closest I could find to purple was a Maroon Guess long sleeved sweater. But it was way too hot for sunny ol' KL. In the end I had to settle for erm... Poney? I guess I should still be thankful - they were the only brand that housed a lilac top for a boy.

Aunty Nadia acted as "Bibik" or actually I should say highly paid Nanny! She took care of Aiden the wholeeeeee way and even violated her fashion sense by carrying Aiden's diaper bag into Dayang's house.

Masamnya muka Aiden!

Mummy driving to Bukit Jelutong.

Aiden playing with the helium balloon. Why the sticker on his face? That's Aunty Alia's attempt to put a stick-on tatoo on his face.

Tatoo complete!!

Aiden taking a break. Check out his half-heart tattoo. It is actually a full heart tattoo but the other half just wouldn't stick. Literally means heart-breaker, eh?

Mana gigi Aiden tak tumbuh lagi nie!!

Okay Mummy, enough cam-whoring.

Aiden wasn't interested in posing for pictures.

We played games as well. This was Baby Bingo. Shout Danya if you get Bingo!!! Alia won this one.

This was a bloody hillarious game. Who could paling cepat SUCK sirap from a baby bottle!!!

Watie and Nad were neck to neck!

Watie trying to sabotage Nad from sucking that last drop!

See Watie's hand?

Aunty Nad won!!! She also won the unscramble words game thingy. Bolot semua hadiah, ke Nad?

Beautiful cupcakes!

So pretty! Too beautiful to eat!

Dayang's home made cookies on a stick.

The even more beautiful cake! Awww.....

This is Danya! But this isn't the Mummy.

This is Danya's Mummy!

Gambar yang tak cantik but post jugak sbb nampak hadiah birthday!

The BBGS crowd (except Nad yang interframe)

This one looks much better!

Aiden who just couldn't sit still!

Mummy was struggling to keep him occupied!

Check out his cheeky "I don't care" look!

It was tough getting a decent picture of him!


Then Uncle Zul zoomed him around in the air - Superman style!

And finally, a smile!

Thank you Dayang, for the fabulous party!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

After conquering the inevitable (okay, okay I am exaggerating!) - being able to crawl on January 7th 2010, Aiden is now scaling to brand new heights! He's starting to use anything and everything in his line of sight as a tool to help him push himself UP! He's now able to stand with the support of the couch, his playpen, or by holding on to my fingers. Imagine my surprise that one fine day when I walked into the room and there he was - standing up in his playpen, grinning mischeviously at me. *sigh* In a blink of an eye, he'll soon start cruising around!

However, after mastering the skill of how to get up, he conveniently forgot to master the skill of going back down. It is absolutely hillarious to see him stand and stand as long as he can hold on, until he finally either tumbles down or cry to be "rescued".

This was last month, before he fully mastered the art of crawling. I call this his cheeky "I am going to try and stand up to see what Mummy is up to" look.

And this is his "Mummy I am stuck please save my poor butt" look.

This was this morning. This is the "Yes! I am standing" look.

And this is the "O-oh, I don't think I can go down" look.

This is muka minta simpati.

This is him crying while Mummy laughs hysterically while holding the camera.

This is the "I can't hold on any longer!" look. And then he tumbles down.......

Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... the joys of Motherhood :)

Aiden and Ayesha

A couple of pictures I snapped during a short After-Work-Drinks I had with Iza at Apartment, KLCC about a week ago. Thanks to Iza being on leave (so she had Ayesha with her) and my sister (for being an angel for picking up Aiden at home after work before heading to KLCC), Aiden and Ayesha finally met outside the comforts of home!

Ayesha is a year (actually only 5 months) older than Aiden, so I guess Aiden will call her Kak Ayesha? Hehehehe so adorable!

Aiden: Mummy, why am I feeling so shy all of a sudden? Is this how boys should react to girls? Is this normal?

Ayesha: *making the bold move* So what's so interesting under the table?

Aiden: Oh hello, Ayesha! *pura pura tak nampak lah before konon*

Ayesha:Ooohhh what's happening out there?

Ayesha: *again making another bold move* See, look, I am touching your chair!

Aiden: Look Aunty Iza, she crossed the boundary first. So now I am allowed to touch her, okay?

Ayesha: Before you touch me, let me show you the "kangaroo" move!

Aiden: Enough! I'm touching you now!

Aiden: Oooohhh Mummy! I touched a girl!!!! A girly girl!!!

Aiden: Now I am admiring your pink top!

Aiden: Can't help it! Want to touch her again! *while gripping the edge of the table*

Aiden & Ayesha: Okay fine, we made peace.

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