Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Our Revamped Garden

Our revamped garden!

I have been procrastinating pictures of our revamped garden for oh so long!

If you missed my last post about the garden, I wrote here about how we left the fate of our garden to an experienced gardener. Well here are the end results. Lush, green and weed free - I can't hardly take the credit for it at all; it's quite clear I don't have a green thumb!

Well, instead of making you wait any longer, let's start. 

Here is the portion of the garden right by our front door. We included a long-ish shaped pot between the plants too.

I love the leafy plant (Pisonia Grandis) right by the front door, mainly due to it's vivacious green hue.

The plant with red leaves (Loropetalum Chinense) are now shaped into 5 round bonsai, complimented by the sweet pink flowers (Orlenda Pink) by its side.

Next up, my favourite corner!

My Bucida Trees (also known as Geometry Trees) now droop downwards, gracefully shading the corner.

These Torenia Fournieri flowers (also known as the Wishbone Flower) have been quite challenging lately. Although they look very very pretty, they have been dying left, right and center!

Remember how it used to span from one end of the corner to the other? Well so far, I have changed them out twice, and only the middle ones are surviving!

Just behind the Torenia flowers, we placed a beautiful pot to compliment the bonsai tree. We also placed a spotlight inside the pot, and the effect of the light emitting through the holes of the pot is absolutely picturesque at night.

Moving on, miniature Christmas trees (Juniperus Chinensis Crismas), with orange flower shrubs (Crossandra Infundibuliformis Lutea) and Chinese Croton shrubs (Excoecaria cochinchinensis) planted in between, line the walls opposite the living hall.

Here's the view towards the back of the garden. 

Five round shaped bushes (Loropetalum Chinesense Chinaie and White Jasmine) line the u-shaped living hall window.

Ruellia Purple Shower (Acanthaceae) blossoms just by the bushes.

You cannot see them in this picture because they only bloom in the morning.

But when they do bloom (without fail every single morning!), they bring so much colour to the patio! Seen here are also step stones with a wood grainy finish and pebble stones which separate the patio area from the garden.

The flowers compliment the weeping willow tree (Salix Babylonica) so well, don't you think?

The rock that they found in our garden is still a decorative piece for the patio corner, surrounded by Graptophyllum Pictum Rosea Variegata and Chinese Croton shrubs (Excoecaria cochinchinensis).

Love the big beautiful pot too. When the gardener brought the Chinese Evergreen leafy plant (Aglaonema Araceae) and the crawlers to the patio, I wasn't quite convinced that it would work. But when he placed both into the pot - it looked so pretty! I guess this is why we paid him good money for his work!

The view towards the front of the garden.

Next up! My roses by the back door are flowering beautifully too.

Just last week, we had 7 beautiful red roses blooming simultaneously!

Just beside the roses, the magnificent Red Button Ginger (Costus Woodsonii also known as the Dwarf's Lipstick *chuckles*) stands proudly in the sun.

You can see how they are thriving beautifully just by the back door.

The bushes with long yellow leaves (Codiaeum Variegatum Cultivars "Croton" Puding) by the dining window is flourishing nicely too.

Here's a close up.

Last but not least, Hubby's favourite corner, which is right at the back of the house. Our Frangipani Tree is also looking good - we saw a bout of pink flowers just last month. Hopefully they appear again soon!

Anyone sitting at these chairs would actually have the best view of the garden - refer to the first picture of this post.

I have to admit, Hubby's lalang actually look pretty good lining the sides of our back wall. The purple shade actually matches the small dainty flowers of the Taiwan Beauty (Cuphea Hyssopifolia). Now I'm just waiting for the other plant with the woody stem to start flowering because I was told that they produce purple flowers too!

Update - the purple flowers are blooming! Looks so beautiful against Hubby's lalang! 

We also bought a variant species of the willow tree and planted it by the garden set, to also provide some clever camouflage for our clothes rail.

Before I end this post, don't let me fool you into thinking that I am now an avid gardener who knows the scientific names of the plants residing in my garden. A lot of that came from Mr Google Images, who was friendly enough to help me out with my absolutely hilarious key words such as "pokok bunga ungu" or even "batang keras bunga merah"! *grins*


  1. Your garden looks amazing! How much does it cost to get a landscape contractor to do a job like this. I am so inspired! Thanks for this

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for the compliment! We started at a price range between 5-8k - all in, including garden clearing, waste skip, wall repainting, paint, grass, plants and transport of materials. Of course this largely depends on size of the lawn and type/maturity of plants purchased by the gardener. Hope this helps! ;)

  2. Hello~ I really like your garden, it looks amazing! Would you mind sharing the contact number of your gardener? :)

    1. Hi dear, do you mind emailing me? Not so sure how my gardener would react to me publishing his number online hehehe...

    2. Sure! I'm enquiring for my mom.. her garden needs some good revamp and hopefully he can suggest something that's easy for my mom to maintain. :)

  3. Ehh sorry i didnt read your msg properly.. i will email you.. hehe


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