Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aiden's Birthday - Unofficial Pictures

As promised, amateur pictures from various sources (gambar curik yer, curik because I did not get permission from these photographers to use their pictures). But then again, you guys had fun at Aiden's birthday right? So please don't sue me for copyright infringement!

Credit to these below, for the beautiful pictures and of course for attending Aiden's birthday:

1) My sister-in-laws (aka cheap labour): Although technically the pictures were taken using Hubby's SLR but the artistic touch were provided by them - which also probably explains why the three of them were most popularly featured in all the pictures!

2) Sara aka Mummy Aidan, the future neighbour and the active blogger. I was soooo impressed by the effort she made for Aiden's birthday. She actually semi-made a football romper for her son just to keep up with the theme!

3) Alia, part of the BBGS gang. Always dependable when it comes to bringing her camera around for the BBGS gang to camwhore. Pictures cilok from Facebook!

P.S: Rahman, we're desperately waiting for the official pictures!!!

So that you don't get lost:

The hall:

The decorations:

The football birthday cake:

The clown:

The guests:

The games:

The pinata hitting ceremony:

The Best Dressed Family award goes to:

The Birthday Boy's antics:

The kiddies (and babies!) that came to celebrate Aiden turning one:

The rare chances that Mummy and Daddy actually got to hold the Birthday Boy:

The football fans:

The food. Okay fine, some of the food. We're obviously missing quite a few here, like the spaghetti, the nasi goreng, the spring rolls, the chicken balls and the ice cream, just to name a few:

The cake cutting ceremony:

The BBGS gang:

The sister in-laws:

The poodle aftermath:


  1. aiden is a big bully :P

    and i cant believe you put PP's photo with Man Utd sign! yuckyuckyuckyyucks

  2. Hahaha Aiden is just being a boy ;) I tell you, Danya and Ayesha gang up against Aiden nanti habislaaaa

    I put that photo sbb comel Danya's pipi literally tergantung labuh cos she was staring at the sign ;)

  3. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... can we redo ur bday again??!! hahahahhahaha.. i'll make sure LilKoala doesnt fall sick diz time around! muahahha

  4. hi party! can't wait to show ur blog to my hubby..he's a die hard MU fan.

    anyway, i noticed one of your captions says "BBGS gang"...u bb girl ke dulu? which batch?

  5. Fatin, not my birthday la. Aiden's birthday. Next year la, but as I mentioned to you, this is a once in a lifetime splurge! If Aiden wants a birthday like this again, dia kena tunggu adik!

    But that shouldn't stop us from lunch-ing! Or dinner-ing cos I wanna see LilKoalaaaaaaaa

  6. Hi Pu3,

    Yeah, planning a football party isn't that hard as there are a lot of help for that theme on the internet. But the next birthday, sure pening!

    Yes, die hard BB girl. From 1989 till 1999. Batch 99. You?


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