Sunday, February 28, 2010


Yesterday. Very hectic day! This time around Hubby is home for the weekend and we had to cover so many things in a day! Gosh - I miss those laid back weekends where Hubby, Aiden and I would wake up late, go window shopping, have a relaxing lunch and lie around doing nothing at home. Nowadays, it is all about the new house and catching up on things Hubby missed out while he's in Singapore.

So yesterday, we started off the day bright and early in Cahaya SPK. This time not for our house per say, but more for the community. At 10am we had a face to face meeting between the Resident Association and the Cahaya SPK management. Since Hubby is almost always in Singapore, I had taken over his job as Precinct 3's RA nomminee, hence the mandatory show up. We discussed about anything and everything. From the guards watering our plants (as they have no built-in toilets near their guard post) to the road antics of people staying around the Puncak Perdana area. We covered everything!

After the meeting, we rushed to a wedding in Janda Baik (yes... Janda Baik!!!). The groom is hubby's friend who also incidentally has a resort in Janda Baik. The last time I was there (for a BBQ), I was still preggers with Aiden in my tummy!! The food was good, and it was my first meal with nasi since the beginning of the week (diet alert!) so I ate with such gusto that it became quite embarrassing!! (But sorry, no pictures!)

Then off to Macy for a new mattress. I had actually paid a visit to Macy with my sister the day before to survey their latest promotion. Unfortunately, the promotion won't let me purchase a King size mattress with a Queen size bed frame. Which didn't fit my needs! However, I refused to back down. I messaged the official Macy's Facebook site and enquired officially. I mean - its not that it is a loss for Macy right? I'm asking for a Queen bed, instead of King. Macy actually makes a profit! And guess, what? They said Yes!

Imagine my surprise when Hubby and I arrived, and were told that they could not fulfill our request! Thank god I had proof of their reply, and of course they had to honour it. Unfortunately, someone from Marketing is sooo going to get it from the Macy's director! (Sorry, sorry whoever you are....)

So... now the new house has complete beds and mattresses for all its rooms! Yeay!!! And the best part - the bed frame was only RM10 and a free holiday to either Bali or Phuket!!! Also, my Enrich & Krisflyer points are sufficient to redeem return flights for both of us. Yeay, free holiday!

I sooooo need a holiday.

Picture proof that the mattress is a King, and the bed frame is a Queen.

All thanks to this promotion - picture credit to Macy's official website. (I am such a self proclaimed Macy ambassador).

Then, next stop. Tykoh Inagiku. This time, it was on Hubby's request. Yes, this is the 3rd time this month. And I think i'll spare you from pictures of nyummy-licious prawns and fried rice. If you don't know what I am talking about, you sooo haven't khatam my blog.

Aiden: "Daddy look (points) - Mummy is ignoring me. Her prawns are yummier than me!"

Aiden: "Oh, hello Daddy's yummy-licious zoom lense!"

Aiden gets Bubur Ayam McD (his first try!) while Mummy maintain ayu in her Baju Kurung.

We conquered the whole strip of Teppanyaki seats. Over gila!

Okay. I lied. I couldn't help snapping pictures of the prawns with the D40 (previous visits were taken with the iPhone camera only).

Poor Hubby. This time around, our favorite chef was on leave. So another chef took over his place. And this chef was unfamilliar with how our chef cooks our favorite dishes. Not only that, he didn't know the price scheme our favorite chef charges everytime we dine!

To top the disappointment, the huge prawns that they usually serve were out of stock. So they gave us two medium/small sized prawns instead. Poor hubby.

One salmon for Hubby and two prawns for each of us.

This chef didn't make fried rice the way the other one did. *sob*sob*. Fortunately, hubby likes this version better. (I didn't!)

Instead of putting vegetable and prawns in his fried rice, he only gave us eggs and garlic!

Contrary to our favorite chef, this chef served everything in a single dish!

My two miserable (but thank god still the same yummy-licious) medium sized prawns.

And Green Tea ice-cream for dessert.

Imagine my surprise when I got the bill! I had initially explained to the chef that our favorite chef usually charges us ~RM50 for a 2 course main dish or ~RM75 for a 3 course main dish. What I meant was per person! But because he was soooo unfamilliar with us, (maybe) he thought price for two! Sorry Tykoh Inagiku - it wasn't his fault!

Back home, Aiden dressed in his pyjamas, started exploring the house.

And touching the carpet.

Careful Aiden! Slippery!!!

Tummy time with Mummy.

And the day did not end for us just yet. Off we went to Tesco for groceries. Meanwhile, Aiden stayed at home with Bibik. On the way there, I tried looking for ABC flash card applications on iPhone. Unfortunately, I found nothing suitable for a 10 month old baby. But at Tesco, I found an ABC book for babies!

Made in Malaysia.

It started off quite strong.

Then we got to E and thought, hmmm... good to start him early since his parents are both engineers!

Then we got to G & H, and thought, gosh - kids nowadays are exposed to such complicated words!

And we got to Q and started laughing our heads off.

Finally, we arrived at U. Then we decided that we simply had to get the book for our very own entertainment!

Hectic day, eh?

Friday, February 26, 2010

Salmon Spriral Marinara

After seeing how much Aiden enjoyed his Salmon at Tykoh Inagiku, I decided to at least try to conjure the same in my very own kitchen. I read that salmon could be mixed with vegetables or cooked with pasta, so I figured, why not make my own Salmon Spiral Marinara for Aiden's dinner?

Unfortunately, it wasn't easy finding fresh salmon. The only one I could find was the frozen version, and even that costed a bomb!

Purchased this at our local supermarket. Can anyone tell me where I can get fresh salmon??!!

One pack has 2 pieces of salmon, but I only used quarter of a piece of salmon for this recipe.

This piece is as big as my palm.

And so I thawed it according to the instructions on the pack. Apparently I were to defrost the fish in cold water mixed with vinegar. Why cold and not hot? Because defrosting it in hot water just cooks the outside without the heat penetrating the inside flesh, therefore the nutrients are lost before the actual cooking.

There was also instructions on how to reduce the hanyir smell - by rubbing it with air tapai. Apparently frozen fish smells more hanyir than fresh ones. Unfortunately, I didn't know what the hell air tapai was, nor have it in my kitchen, so I decided to forgo this step. Boy, was that sooo wrong!

After lightly frying the shredded salmon with olive oil, I gave it a bit of tomato puree, frozen vegetables and chicken stock for flavour. And when I tasted it... the hanyir smell/taste was still there!!!

Looks yummy, but hanyir! *shudders*

Decided to just try it out (although hanyir), and blended it into until puree consistency was achieved.

Eww.. does not look yummy at all after going through the blender. And guess what, Aiden flatly rejected it!

After trying to coax him to take just a few more bites, I finally gave up and told Bibik to give him his favorite chicken bubur. *sob*sob* Mummy felt like such a failure!!! He walloped the whole bowl and happily went for his routine bathtime.

Aiden - fresh from his bath, spiky hair and all.

Side profile.

Back profile.

Handsome eh??

So... does anyone knows how to hilangkan the hanyir of the salmon, and suggestions on salmon baby recipes (apart from my miserable salmon spiral marinara!)??? Help!!!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Best Japanese in Town!

I previously blogged about prawns at the Best Japanese in Town, but I simply had to write about it again. Reason being, because I had the same prawns TWICE this month!

Last Friday, my sister and I were in Pavillion to find a birthday present for her mother. And after that we went to check out another alternative to Aiden's birthday grounds. By the time we were done, it was close to 6pm and we were hungry for dinner. And Tykoh Inagiku was just walking distance from where we were. It was only the two of us, and we didn't want to spend a bomb on food, so we only ordered fried rice and of course, the nyummy prawns.

You may think, among all the other dishes we've tried before, why particularly the fried rice? Because the fried rice is simply different from any other. We tried asking the chef about the secret ingredient, but he claims it is his air tangan that makes it so good.

Looks like any other fried rice in town right? So wrong!!!

This fried garlic is only made to order with reservation. And because it is so complicated to make, they don't just make it for anyone. Not even when my whole family (including my dad) visits. So it was a pleasant surprise when this time arond, the chef gave us a bowl of these to munch on while waiting!

Two prawns, one for each of us. Notice the blob of yellow mixture beside it? That's a special by the chef just for us - extra secret sauce!!

Ooohhhh so gooooooddd!

And the extra sauce in a separate bowl! We ratah this sauce on its own, and my sister even mixed some in her fried rice!

The fried rice. We told the chef how famished we were, and he was so sweet - he made extra and served our order in a slightly bigger bowl than usual. He even fried a whole salmon (about the size of my palm) and mixed it into the fried rice! On the house!

And below are pictures from early this month. My sister and I had just picked up my iPhone from Maxis and I was eager to try it out. While my brother and his stewardess girlfriend were celebrating her first paycheque so they invited us to have dinner with them.
My sister, the one who always dragsss me to these fattening places to eat!

Aiden joined us this time!

Aiden bullying Uncle Boy.

Finally! Confined to the baby chair while we all enjoyed our food.

The starter salad.

Awien showing off her chopstick skills.

Even though they were both celebrating her paycheque, my sister and I were not included - because we had to pay for our own meal!!!

Fresh seafood. I love my iPhone camera!

This picture is making me hungry.

Really hungry.

Even Aiden had a bite of the delicious salmon. Mashed - because Aiden still has no teeth! It was Aiden's first time having Salmon and he enjoyed it immensely.

Extra sauce for the prawns. But not served in a separate bowl!

Now I know why I have trouble losing weight...

Finally the fried rice is ready.

See... smaller bowl, kan kan?

Aiden: "Uncle Boy, let me go! I want more Salmon!!!"

Aiden: "Aaarrrggghhh...."

And this is Aiden - uncontrollable in the car:

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