Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of Japanese Prawns

Yesterday, my daddy was in town and he decided to treat the whole family for dinner at our all time favorite Japanese place - Tykoh Inagiku at Jalan Bukit Bintang. I think we have been going to this Japanese place erm.. since about 15 years back? Back then it was one of the first few Japanese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Their pioneer location was in Menara Antarabangsa near the old KL Hilton (now known as Crowne Plaza KL), and then they shifted into a bigger premise at Menara Keck Seng (beside Westin). If you ask any of our family members about our favorite dish there, I am pretty sure most of us would answer Udang Butter!!!

Oh those prawns are just to die for. They're not just normal prawns, they're jumbo prawns! And the prawns are coated with a buttery yellowy secret concoction that the chef would never ever reveal, despite our constant pleads to him everytime we have dinner there. And the cholestrol level in the gravy coating? Don't even bother to think about it. It will almost definitely coat your arteries. Haha...

The guy on the right has been with the restaurant like forever! Maybe as long as I can remember!

The chef on the left pouring something over the straw mushrooms, while the one on the right arranges salmon slices.

Nyummy nyum nyum!!!

First you cook the jumbo prawn heads.

Then set it aside.

Next you cook the rest of the prawn body.

I think that's pepper. Hmmm...

Yes, this is the secret concoction I mentioned. Usually we would wallop every single drop of it *sampai menjilat siku*

Ten jumbo butter prawns for the ten of us. My Dad would never entertain requests for extra helpings from ANY of us, because he knows if one wants an extra, everyone would want extras too!

That's ten eggs for fried rice...

Fried rice - halfway there!

Nyummy nyum nyum!

This is us! Half of us, at least!
Highly recommended for dinner! Are you salivating yet? I know I am!

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