Friday, October 27, 2017

Godiva Ice Cream at Genting Premium Outlets

Remember our recent trip to Genting here? Well as mentioned, we made a pitstop at Genting Premium Outlets (GPO), and lo and behold - they had a Godiva outlet!

Although extremely overpriced, I was adamant about trying it out. One cone made us RM25 poorer. *sigh* Aiden actually commented, "I can buy 25 McDonalds ice-cream cones with this!" Yes Aiden, rub it in all you want. To make things worse, we needed a drink to wash the ice-cream down so we ordered a cold milk chocolate drink which set us back a further RM25. Ah, the price of the finer things in life! #marimakanmaggi

The soft serve machine and the Chocolixir cold chocolate.

RM50 aside, I have to admit that the Godiva soft serve ice-cream was really good. It came in three flavour options; Vanilla White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Twist Chocolate (mixture of both). We chose the Dark Chocolate! The ice-cream came in a crunchy cone with the rim encrusted in chocolate and crunchy praline almonds.

Pick your pleasure!
I wanted to try the chocolate truffles too, but decided to postpone the wish till our next trip! 

The ice-cream was very creamy and rich, with a strong Belgian dark chocolate taste. A very indulgent and decadent treat! It wasn't extremely sweet so everyone enjoyed every single bite. Sharing one ice-cream between 4 people is no joke, ok! You have to wait quite a bit (while savoring your bite) before your turn comes up again. *giggles* Trust me, this is an ice-cream experience you won't want to miss. You will not regret it. Love at first lick!

Aiden trying to skip his turn.

The Chocolixir drink was a completely different story though. Despite the rave reviews, surprisingly not as rich as I expected it to be. Give it a pass and have some mineral water instead. *chuckles*

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