Friday, May 22, 2009

Bored at Home

And so I am bored at home. My life revolves around Aiden and Aiden alone. I cannot remember the last time I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Haha.. its amazing how my senses are so tuned to Aiden’s reflexes at night, that even when he gurgles in his sleep, I swear – one of my eyes pop open!

Aiden’s actually not too bad at night. He has his days.. sometimes good, sometimes bad. I remember he went through this particular phase where he’s wide awake between 130 – 330 am. Wow.. me and hubby both had eye bags that whole week. And I’ve finally figured out why he’s so cranky when he’s breastfeeding and he’s wheezing at the same time. It is wind or angin as we call it. So I have to constantly burp him. Although that is quite a challenge as Aiden has superb neck control. He’s constantly holding his neck up (usually towards the tv screen… hehehe) and when he’s tired, he slams his head down (usually towards my nose… hehehe).

And hubby’s overjoyed that Aiden loves the water. He enjoys taking his bath, but absolutely hates washing his hair. And with his superb neck control, he’s usually turning his head left and right, causing soap suds to drip into his ears, which usually causes Mummy to scream in panic! Despite his apparent dislike for shampoos, his hair is so so so silky! After his bath, Daddy usually styles his hair into a spiky look. Unfortunately, the only hairstyle I know for Aiden – is the nerdy hairstyle look. Haha.. its easier with girls where you can actually put ribbons and bows in their hair. My sister in law claims that with the spiky hairstyle, Aiden looks like Tin Tin – a cartoon character once famous in the UK. See the comparison below. What do you think??

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