Friday, April 28, 2017

Ayam Goreng Mekdi

Have you guys tried the much publicized ayam goreng McD? Yes, the one with the krup krap advertisement that is so annoying yet so vindictively satisfying. Seriously, the fried chicken has been available for as long as I can remember, but this recent advertisement practically attracted droves of people to hunt it down until it is sold out virtually everywhere! It should really go into some marketing textbooks or something.

Salivating for something crunchy, fueled by various pictures shared by fellow friends who enjoyed the ayam goreng immensely, I decided to join the bandwagon. As soon as I picked Aiden up from school, I made a pit stop at our local McDonalds. Managed to beat the dinner crowd, and I scored the very last box of fried chicken. I know that for a fact, because the patron right after me didn't manage to get any.

My verdict? It is extremely crunchy. Way crunchier than KFC. But it is very very spicy. Aiden yang tahan pedas pun had to standby a tall glass of cold water by his side, sipping after every bite. As for me, my perut panas after the meal. Caused some stomach discomfort but it was absolutely worth it! Not for the faint-hearted. Although I'll probably soon relapse to my favourite KFC original chicken since I'm such a chili wuss.

If you enjoy spicy food, go ahead and try it out. Enjoy the hunt!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Long Weekend

(Finally found my SD card so here is the said post, albeit slightly belated!)

Hello! Anyone else dragged their feet to work today?

We enjoyed ourselves tremendously during the long weekend. Kick started the weekend with some early Raya shopping at Mitsui. Must be the payday mood or something. But honestly nothing spectacular there because Raya sale technically hasn't started yet. I bought a few tops for myself and the kiddos at Polo Ralph Lauren, and rewarded myself with a teapot at Noritake. I've been eyeing that teapot for so long!! I've procrastinated the purchase since forever, because (of course), it is cheaper in the US. Tapi kesian my teacups takde a matching teapot and with our horrible currency, I decided to just bite the bullet and get it. After our shopping spree, we went home and got the kids in bed early for our adventure the next day; berkelah!

My father in law's side of the family organized a mini family day; berkelah at Sungai Bil. Although not everyone was able to make it, ade la dalam 30 of us yang turned up. We were responsible for the simplest things - BBQ tools, ice, hotdogs and we contributed some marinated mushrooms as well. But upon arrival at location, we realized that we left the hotdogs at home! *giggles*

Sungai Bil - and one of the wakaf in the background.

Look at the rocks! I recommend snorkeling shoes.

Sungai Bil was not too bad, and just an hour away from home! The sungai was clean tapi arus quite deras combined with plenty of rocks. Next time must bring snorkeling shoes! The campsite we chose was shady, the wakaf was big enough for all of us. We also brought a tent while my in laws brought a stove (for cooking Ian's fries!) We set up the BBQ pit just beside the wakaf. Everyone brought so much food that the hotdogs weren't even missed! But we were the first to leave as we had a birthday party to attend back home.

Our wakaf was just beside the sungai.

Check out that cheeky boy who decided to photobomb our shot.

After the birthday party, we went home and got ready for dinner. The kids were so tired from such a long day, but their eyes widened as soon as we arrived at our dinner location - Le Meridien! It was an awesome spread for both adults and kids. I satisfied my sashimi craving while the kids enjoyed the chocolate fountain. Soon, I found my kids running around the dinner area - sugar high! CIMB is currently offering a discount for meals at Le Meridien, until July - so do pay them a visit... in preparation for Ramadhan! *chuckles*

Took the opportunity to celebrate Aiden's birthday. He was so surprised!

Gang kuat makan!

Loved the wallpaper just outside Latest Recipe, that we couldn't resist an OOTD shot.

After dinner, a few neighbours decided to come over to our house for 'coffee'. It turned out to be an impromptu surprise birthday celebration for one us. By the time everyone left our house, it was close to 4am!

A Duck scarf for a Duckscarves lover!

Since we had such a late night, the kids only woke up past 10am the next morning. We had a late brunch in the garden and then just lazed around in front of the TV. The kids enjoyed camping in front of the TV, and Ian actually constructed a fort underneath our foosball table and promptly fell asleep in his cosy new home!

I haven't had the chance to share our garden (not to mention our interior deco) in this blog. But here's a sneak peak - we usually have our breakfast at the white outdoor set while we entertain our guests at the outdoor gazebo.

Can you spot Ian?

So that's how we spent our long holiday. Who's looking forward to the next one? *smiles*

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I had a whole post pre-prepared for today. Something that started about how I dragged my feet to work, and then an entire story about how I spent my long weekend. Only to discover that I lost my camera SD card which contains all my pictures from the said long weekend. Aaarrrggghhh... it must have dropped out of my laptop while I was carrying it around in the office.

I'm in such a foul mood now.

Bleerrrggghhh... good night!

Update: I was telling my sap story to Hubby about the missing SD card (this is the second time I've successfully misplaced it) and he said, "Cannot be lost if it's already in your laptop... maybe dalam purse you?!" While vehemently disagreeing to his suggestion (because I was soooo sure I plugged it into my laptop), I reached out to my wallet, and lo and behold - the SD card was safely tucked in the coin pocket. Jeez! Okay, time to work on that blogpost. *good mood balik*

Friday, April 21, 2017

Post Party Blues

Hello hello hello!

Post party blues today. And to add salt to the wound - it's also Friday blues! *long sigh* Can't wait for the long weekend!

Alhamdulillah, all went well with Aiden and Ian's party last Saturday - apart from some select dramatic moments:
  1. The fire station had a last minute request for a kadet bomba camping trip which meant that the station couldn't supply as many chairs as we originally anticipated. Hence we ran out of chairs at the peak of the party.
  2. Ian got so flustered with the heat that he took off his helmet just before the cake cutting. While the guests were singing the birthday song, I tried to salvage the situation by calling out to my maid to help put his helmet back on. She misheard me and started rummaging through the bag for a comb! A comb!!! My sister in law hurriedly pointed to the helmet and my maid managed to plonk it on Ian's head just as the song ended. Photographer nak amik gambar pun tak boleh cos it was blocked by her hand. Andddddd, the whole drama (with my high pitched voice calling out to my maid) was recorded in their birthday video. *buries face in hand* Oh the drama!
  3. Tak cukup goody bags, yet again! I made so many backup goody bags but we still ran out. What gives???
  4. Our piñata fell before everyone had a chance to hit it. (The string holding it yielded before the structure of the piñata broke.) A young guest actually cried cos she didn't get a hit!
The firemen entertaining the kids.

Other than that, it went smoothly without a hitch! Weather was nice too. Alhamdulillah, the folks at the fire station were an awesome brood. Despite having to drop everything to attend to emergencies just before the start and at the end of the party (what awesome timing!), which was quite a remarkable show for us bystanders - they gave their full commitment to the party! They entertained the kids, drove our guests in the fire engine at least 10 rounds around the compound, gave the adults a crash course on putting out fires and using fire extinguishers, and even turned on the waterworks for some fun-filled water play!

Us in the fire engine.

Water play!

Hubby learning how to use the fire extinguisher. Aiden kept cheering "My daddy is a hero!" ;)

As usual, photos from the official photographer are still in the works, so I'm sharing some amateur photos that we took using our own camera/phones. I'll save the official photos for a more complete blogpost, complete with vendor credits and DIY tips. Hence for now... Enjoy!

They graciously allowed us to use their fire engine in the background, to complement the dessert table.

The kids crowding around the dessert table. I love how everyone in this picture are wearing fire helmets!

The black bags at the bottom are the goody bags for each kid to bring home.

Sugary goodies guaranteed to make your kids sugar high!

A close up,

Homemade fondant cookies. I spent a whole afternoon on these.

Fire engine birthday cake. No where close to beating last year's Millennium Falcon cake!

Sixlets candy (balls of fire), gum balls and cupcakes with chocolate toppers.

The only thing not homemade. I hate making cake pops, so I ordered these cuties.

Ian stealing the thunder from his brother's cake moment!

Took us a whole night to make the cake... and then sliced in a jiffy!

Family photo.

Abang Bomba, I love you! *giggles*

The backbone of the party; what will I do without these girls!

Sporting sister-in-laws... and models for the next Bomba calendar.

Last few photos for the day - one with the Ketua Balai and the awesome crew!

Happy 8th birthday, Aiden Irfan. We hope you had a tremendous time at your party! Mummy, Daddy and Ian loves you soooooo much. We wish you nothing but the happiest and the brightest future, InsyaAllah.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Preparations for Aiden's Firefighter Party

One more sleep before the birthday party, and I am hard at work with the birthday cake, cupcakes and cookies! Fuh fuh fuh... Thank god I work well under pressure! Looks like I'm burning the midnight oil again tonight.

Before I delve into my share of butter, sugar and eggs, let me share some photos of the birthday preparation. If you've been following my IG, you would have noticed the common theme for the month - fire engines! Yes, we will be having this year's birthday at the fire station!

(Well it was either a fire engine party or a Pokemon party... I chose the former hands down!)

For the first time, I ordered my party items from Taobao. I can't read Chinese, so I paid a Taobao agent via FB to purchase it for me. I bought a cute fireman outfit for the boys; and as goodies for our guests - fire helmets and fire extinguishers (water guns actually). I also bought some mini fire extinguishers from GM Klang, which are actually hand fans! I'll definitely be holding on one during the party.

Anyway, enough blabber. The cake is waiting!! Enjoy the photos!

DIY pinata! Well the boys are going to destroy it anyway, so why bother with buying one?

Macaroni and cheese boxes were used! Can you spot them?

Personalized candy bars. Leceh gila potong those curvy edges!

Yesterday's effort - fondant cookies!

Water gun fire extinguishers, and far right - hand fan!

Firefighter helmet for the guests.

Personalized crayons for colouring and personalized bubbles. Hopefully the smaller kids will be occupied with these, while the older ones play with 'fire'!

Okay, more photos to follow after the event. Wish me luck for tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Losing Its Cool


Everything is breaking left, right and center, these past few days. Started with my cracked phone, which I subsequently repaired. A day later, discovered that I couldn't use the speaker function. Then we had a leak in our water pipe which caused zero inlet to our Coway water dispenser. We're still struggling to locate the leak, which means we've had to resort to the trusty ol' kettle for our water needs. And the latest, our refrigerator!

For the past few days, the motor has been grumbling and sighing quite pitifully. Slowly, it began to lose its cool (pun intended). We called a mechanic, and sure enough - the compressor was broken. The bad news - the part needs to be ordered. More bad news - upon turning on our backup fridge in the wet kitchen, we found out that it was broken too! *cries* But, I need at least one fridge to be repaired in time for my rounds of baking!!! (It's April, so naturally I'm in over my head with preparations for Aiden's birthday.)

Finally, we decided not to take our chances with spare parts. Called up a few electrical shops and inquired about their cheapest basic fridge, to replace our backup fridge. I think we started calling random shops at about 7pm, made our decision to bite the bullet at 8pm, arrived at the shop at 845pm and bought a new fridge at 930pm. And they had it delivered the next day at 3pm. *phewww* Fastest electrical shopping spree in my whole life!

Thank god ESH allowed us to redeem credit card points in return for cash, so we pooled all our cards for a cool rebate of nearly RM400.

So here's waving goodbye to the fridge that I grew up with (it's my late Mum's fridge!) and a warm hello to our new addition in the kitchen. Ah, sentimental value much. *sigh*

Out with the old, in with the new...

Update: After cramming everything we have in the new fridge, I've come to realize that we need more fridge space! I'm writing this while supervising the repairman who is trying to fix our main fridge. And even with new spare parts, it's not working! Aaarrrggghhh... Mane nak sumbat birthday cake Aiden nie??

Please please please come to life. Please!!! *desperate baker*

Monday, April 10, 2017


At time of writing, I'm currently at 999 followers on Instagram. It's been fun, watching the numbers steadily grow from 500 to the higher hundreds, ever since I made my account public last year.

I wonder who's going to be my 1000th follower....

Update: And so... I hit the 1K mark, on the same day that Vivy hit her 1M mark. Goes to show that I am eons away from ever matching those kind of numbers *giggles*

 Nahhhh, I'm perfectly happy with my cosy number of followers; no worries!

Thursday, April 6, 2017


Just last week, Facebook 'On This Day' brought back memories of Aiden's maiden sleep on his own bed. I remember how happy I was about this particular milestone, especially since I could escape from his wandering hands at night!

Aiden had this habit of putting his hands underneath my body during the night. It's his way of getting warm, without getting into the blanket! Fast forward to today, Ian inherited Aiden's habit, but in a weirder twist - he enjoys putting his hands on my bare skin hence bawah ketiak lah, atas perut lah. Man... I was so happy when I managed to chuck them both onto the mattress on the floor.

Well, time for me to announce another significant milestone for the year. *drum roll please...*

I managed to convince them to sleep in their own room!!!! *cue chicken dance here* I am still so deliriously happy over my new found freedom! Hubby and I can talk *ehem ehem* all night in private! No more talking in hushed voices and lying rock still so that the kids fall asleep. Time for number 3??? Heh, no no... Let me enjoy my newfound freedom while it lasts.

Anyway, their Star Wars room is nearly complete. (Which is why they agreed to sleep in their room in the first place.) Sharing some photos of their new crib:

Hunted mercilessly for this matching bedsheet and comforter set. So glad I made the effort - I love how it matches the BB8 pillow!

The side dresser, peppered with everything Star Wars. The Death Star LED light comes in the Millennium Falcon version too - scroll below for photo.

Adorable BB8. Reused the kids' birthday banner as a wall deco.

Can you believe that the grey study desk used to be mine? I studied for my UPSR, PMR, SPM and even my degree, on that desk. Still in perfectly good condition, ready for Aiden and Ian to use. Also - a mini desk by the side for Ian.

So the first night they slept in their room, we decided to camp on the floor outside their door. (Kiasu parents!) Just in case, you know - someone cries, or needs to pee, or even sleepwalks! Oh sakitnya belakang when I woke up the next morning. Ah the things we do for our kids. But it was an uneventful night, apart from the fact that I forgot to turn down their aircon. Hubby said their windows were fogged up with condensation that morning. Ian sampai demam! *my bad*

So the ritual is now hugs and kisses, choose a favourite colour for their own Star Wars bedside light, tuck them into their blankets (Ian usually kicks them off) and then choruses of "Good night, sweet dreams, don't let the bed bugs bite!" And then we close the door. Sometime I put my ear to the door to eavesdrop on their conversations. But so far it has been peace and quiet. Perhaps the chit chat will happen when they are both older?

They've been at it for a week now. So let's hope this last. Cos I've had my taste of freedom and I'm not about to let it go anytime soon! *giggles*

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Rose Gold

I'm sure you know my love for everything Apple. I have been a hardcore iPhone user ever since I jumped on the bandwagon with the iPod Touch back in 2007. I have also noticed a pattern with my iPhone purchases, i.e. it usually lasts for one model change before I get tempted to buy a new one. Hence I have the iPhone 3, 5, 6 and now waiting for the 8. (I moved from 5 to 6 because Apple offered me a replacement phone due to defects... read about it here.)

I literally can't live without my phone, hence it is usually in my hands. I love how hardy the phone is too. Once, I left the phone on the roof of my car and drove off confidently. Turned a fast bend about 100 meters from home, and heard the sound of something being flung off the car. It was about a 100 meters later before I figured out that it was my phone. And yet, it survived! Ian on the other hand, has dropped my phone numerous times. Nothing a new glass screen protector couldn't fix.

Last weekend, I went shopping with my sister-in-laws and came home a few hours later feeling absolutely famished. In my haste to get out of the car, I forgot that I had my phone on my lap. It fell, probably two jengkals onto the road. I thought nothing of it - Ian has done much worse.

Imagine my shock when I picked it up and found that my screen had cracked! OMG OMG OMG.

After calling a few places I found on Instagram, I found a place that could repair the screen (my LCD was still working, Alhamdulillah) for just RM150. Drove over to the place the next day, and they suggested for me to change my housing too as it is slightly bent. Best part... they offered the housing in Rose Gold!!!!!! OMG I love pink! Of course I said yes, and became RM300 poorer.

So, presenting my old iPhone 6 Plus in its new Rose Gold casing. Can pass off for an iPhone 6S Plus kan kan kan? Bolehlah, at least until the iPhone 8 arrives.

I'm in love with pink!

Not to forget, my Lego casing that I lovingly crafted on my own.

OK, bring on iPhone 8, pronto!

Monday, April 3, 2017


A few weekends ago, Aiden and Ian were invited to a Superhero themed birthday party. (I swear the kids have a more interesting social life than ours.)

It was Ali's first birthday and the event was held at KLGCC. Aiden and Ian were super excited to find an excuse to wear their superhero costumes, but I swear - it's the last time Aiden can wear his Iron Man costume. Dah ketat! Ian on the other hand, inherited Aiden's Batman costume which fitted him perfectly, save for some last minute slight length alteration.

Upon arrival, we were ushered to the photo booth for a family photo. Aiden had a slight blunder during the second shot - he covered the whole camera with his face! *giggles*

The first thing they spotted as they walked into the hall, was face painting. Aiden was already a pro at it, so he sat quietly while the artist drew an Iron Man mask to complement his costume. Ian on the other hand, was not quite cooperative. It was his first experience hence he didn't understand why the brush was tickling his face. I tried to show the progress by letting him see his face through my camera, but he was still fidgety and such. Nasib baik Batman only needed a half faced mask as opposed to a full faced Iron Man mask!

Not a happy face.

Such a pro!

The superheroes dessert table.

Scrumptious brownies. And neat idea to put cookies into jello cups, but unfortunately it made the cookies soggy.

Batman and Iron Man posing with Wonder Woman!

As soon as Ian was done, he raced to the mini slides and ball pit. Aiden went to join the bigger kids at the stage for some fun and games. Seeing that both the kids were occupied, we decided to settle down for some food. I think we were halfway through our meal, when I saw Ian walking at the tables in front of us and asking a lady something. Apparently he was asking the lady to find his parents! *chuckles* I called out to him and as soon as he saw me he came running to me, pointed to the stage (at Aiden, indicating that he wanted to join his brother) and ran to the stage.

I watched curiously, as he was given a Hulk mask (which was way too big for him, and totally inappropriate for his costume). He struggled with it as it kept sliding. But soon my attention turned to Aiden as he was invited to the front to perform some action moves.

Didn't have time to turn on my video, so here is a blurry shot of Aiden punching and kicking in the air!

Aiden confidently strutting his moves. Can you see Ian struggling with his mask?

As soon as Aiden was done, the emcee attempted to call another boy out, when suddenly he said, "Mayday mayday, mummy needed!" It turned out to be Ian, bawling his eyes out behind the mask! Of course I couldn't see it, nor hear it behind all that racket! Ian was crying because he was frustrated that his mask kept sliding down! *giggles*

Face paint streaked with tears.

Afterwards, Ian refused to return to the stage. He preferred to play at the ball pit and bouncing castle. Eventually he came around to me complaining that his face wasn't nice (sape suruh nangis!!!) and he actually agreed to a face paint touch up! Aiden on the other hand had the time of his life playing various games. (He had like three mouthfuls of food in between games.) He won two games; one of it with Hubby's help who cleverly managed to insert seven straws in his hair! (Quite an achievement if compared to sticking straws into a girls ponytail or braided hair!)

Second round at face-painting. Now he's a pro!

Intricate weave of straws!

Transformers and Iron Man decided to make an appearance too! Aiden was delirious! But Ian kept to the play area so I had some peace and quiet to enjoy my food.

Aiden had the time of his life!

The BBGS gang.

Family photo.

Last shot before we left.

I'm driving superheroes around town!

Anyway, the kids had a blast and refused to leave. We had to tear them away with a bunch of empty promises. In fact, Ian kept saying "I want face, I want face" the next day too! *giggles* But it's all good. Thanks Fiza for having us, and Happy 1st Birthday Ali!
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