Friday, January 29, 2016

A Purple Affair

Purple power!

It was certainly a purple kinda day last weekend. My youngest sister in law got engaged to the man of her dreams; and as always a dessert table was created for the event. The theme was purple, specifically warna ungu kundang according to my MIL. I actually had to google the colour 'ungu kundang', I kid you not! 

Honestly, it looked like a darker shade of fuschia, and there was simply no way I could make my baked goods into the same colour as what she wanted. How she managed to find ribbons, flowers and such for the hantaran in that mysterious ungu kundang is something to be admired. So in the end, I simply adopted a silver-lilac-purple combination and worked with that.

This time around, my SILs offered to help with the baking, so I was able to spend a bit more time putting delicate finishes on the cupcakes and cookies. They contributed various cakes and rose apple puffs. I'll point them out in the pictures below.

Without further ado, here are are the pictures of the dessert table:

Close up shots.
I have to admit, I cheated a bit with the centerpiece. I used fake orchids but supplemented it with fresh flowers. Cheap but effective!

Carrot Cake with cream cheese topping, made by my SILs. I topped it off with purple flowers, to make it match with the theme. Just beside it; Panna Cotta in adorable mini containers. 

The many uses of sugar lace. I used it to embellish my Vanilla Cupcakes and Butter Cookies.

Another of my SIL's creation - Vanilla Coconut Meringue cake. So impressed with their masterpiece. They used my creme brulee' torch to give a burnt effect to the meringue, and even dyed the batter purple!

It was no easy task looking for tidbits that can be placed in jars, especially in purple! Finally found these - Blue Corn Tortilla chips and Purple Potato sticks.

White chocolate dyed in purple.

My favourite of them all. Rose Apple Puffs... so dainty and pretty!!!

I'm in love my new cupcake stands! Vanilla cupcakes adorned with silver pearls.

Three batches of macarons! But still these were snapped up in a blink of an eye. Need to make more batches next time.

Fresh flowers in jars.

Phewww... so glad it's done and dusted!

I'll end this post with a super cute post of Ian in pink, with a tocang pokok kelapa to boot. Although the dessert table is in purple, the family decided to wear pastel pink. It took a bit of convincing to get Hubby to wear a pink baju melayu. But with a lot of coaxing, I finally did it. (I think his Mum's request for everyone to match and my logic of saving money by recycling it again for Hari Raya kinda got to him.) So yes, we will be wearing pastel pink for Eid. Since I got married to dear Hubby, wearing pink (what more pastel pink!) was never a choice, so I am definitely looking forward to this year's Eid!!! *dances in glee*

Happy Federal Territory day for the folks in KL (including moi). I am soooo looking forward to the long weekend!

Real men wear pink! Munching on hantaran goodies.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Out With The Old, In With The New...

I've been procrastinating this for the longest time. Call me sentimental, but I love my blue polkadot background template; one that has been with me ever since I started my blog back in 2009.

I've finally gotten around to changing my blog to a crisp white, in an effort to make my blog more professional looking and (hopefully!) also easier to navigate. I'm still working out the kinks, so if you notice something that needs adjusting (yeah, that header photo doesn't really line up with the width of the blog, does it???), do holler. I need all the advise I can get.

Here's my last snapshot of the old blog template:

Those blue polkadots were adorable, weren't they??? *sigh*

P.S: If anyone is willing to give me a hand in adjusting my header to fit, do email me at lizyahaya[at] Thanks in advance!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Sugar Lace

I've been baking relentlessly these past few days. My sister in law is getting engaged tomorrow hence an engagement cake and a dessert table is in the works. (It's tough being the designated baker of the family!)

Engagement and wedding cakes are typically white in colour. This one is no different. However, instead of the usual flowers on the top kinda deal, I toyed around with the idea of making sugar laces. Those intricate edible laces can dress up a cake so beautifully, but I bet they won't be so easy to make.

After mulling over it for a while, I decided to take the plunge. Since I'm not done with all my baking just yet (!!!) I'll save the recipe and instructions for a separate post. I'll keep this one short and sweet, with pictures of the end result:

And some photos of the tedious yet so satisfying process:

Peeling the lace out from the mould. It was quite gratifying!

The intricate laces. Have a good (long!!!) weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Conversations with Aiden

Aiden had a phase when he loved squeezing people's cheeks. Unfortunately in this photo, he squeezed the cheeks of an anak dara orang. *giggles*

A good friend forwarded the above photo to me recently. Boy, it was certainly a trip down memory lane. I do miss those days when Aiden was a cuddly toddler, speaking with a slight pelat and all.

Nowadays, we have some pretty interesting conversations. His innocence sometimes stump the hell out of me:

Aiden: *while watching cartoon on TV* Mummy, how long is a platypus tail?
Me: I don't know Aiden, why don't you ask Phineas and Ferb.
Aiden: But they are in the TV, they are not real!
(As my mind was whirring to find a smart answer without having to use Google, he continued...)Aiden: I wish I had a platypus.
Me: Where in the world would I find one!
Aiden: In India
Me: India?? Do you know where that is?
Aiden: Yes, my friend is from there.
Me: Who??
Aiden: XXXX! (name deliberately hidden)
Me: Noooo... he's tricking you.
Aiden: But he's brown!
Me: *sigh* Aiden, just because someone is Indian, doesn't mean he is from India. 
Aiden: But you said your boss is American and he's from America!
Me: *speechless*

And another time, while I was driving our new car:

Aiden: Why did you sell our old car?
Me: Cos it was giving us some problems.
Aiden: What problems?
Me: When we braked, there was a sound.
Aiden: But that's just a sound!
Me: Okay there was also once, I tried to brake and it didn't stop. Also sometimes, the car jerks.
Aiden: Wow, that number two one is a serious problem (haha Manglish!)
Me: Yes it is!
Aiden: So what did the person who took the car did to it?
Me: He sold it to someone else. (I meant the used car dealer)
Aiden: But that is dangerous!
Me: Ermmmm well he fixed it first then sold it.
Aiden: So why didn't you just fix it?
Me: *speechless*

*giggles* He actually had a point!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Jibby & Co at Empire Subang

Oh wow, another food review post! Nampak sangat we spent the last weekend melantak, kan?

Anyway, this is our second time at Jibbys. Why, you ask? Because we were turned off by our first visit there. No it wasn't the service nor was it the taste of our food. But rather because the menu had nothing suitable for the taste buds of Mat Melayu Aiden. I mean seriously, why wouldn't a fusion restaurant in Malaysia not have at least fried rice on the menu??!! Due to that, we had to endure his crankiness throughout the whole meal. Le sigh.

This time around we were forgiving enough to give it a second chance. Well that, and because my sister in laws invited us for lunch to celebrate my in-laws' anniversary. *chuckles* Fortunately though, Aiden's palate has expanded slightly to include cheese burgers. So that was the savior for the day; Jibby's The Ultimate Burger (RM35, add RM5 to add a sunny side up). Quoting the menu, juicy 100% Aussie beef patties with melted cheddar cheese topped with crispy onion, beef bacon, tomato & onion jam. One word: Yum!!!

Check out the many expressions of Aiden and his burger. He actually finished the whole thing!

We had to cut it in two so it could fit in his small hands. Served with fat chips.

As for me and Hubby, we were dead tired from a morning well spent cycling at Taman Botanic Shah Alam (formerly known as Bukit Cerakah)... separate post on that later! After burning all those calories *chewah*, we were craving for some good ol' carbs, so instead of looking at the Western mains we decided to choose from the Asian selection. Hubby had the Beef Ribs Glaze with Thai Chilli BBQ Sauce (RM38) while I had Pan Fried Atlantic Salmon Steak (RM35). Both served with rice.

Hubby's beef ribs. The beef was so tender, it didn't even need a knife. It practically melted as you chewed! Definitely the highlight of the entire dining experience. 

My pan fried salmon. The spicy tamarind sauce and stir fried french beans went really well with the fish.

Ian and his Daddy, writing on the anniversary card.

Hogging my drink.

This cutie pie was all over the place that afternoon! Dah nama pusar dua kan!

A very creative (and healthy!) anniversary 'cake', made by my sister in law.

We requested for the staff to bring the said 'cake' to the table as a surprise for my in-laws. They promptly brought it over, unfortunately the entire restaurant crew started serenading my in-laws with a rendition of "Happy Birthday"! I felt so sorry that we had to cut them off midway. They looked all confused, as we hurriedly explained that it was an anniversary lunch. Oh well, at least it's the thought that counts. 

Here was what my father in-law had. Prawns, Salmon, Calamari, Clams and Butter Fish Hotspot, served with toasted Turkish bread (RM38). It was so-so. 

Anyway, service was good, the staff were attentive - the guy who served us actually repeated our orders a couple of times so that was well appreciated. Food arrived fairly quickly too. Despite the all glass facade with the sun hitting hard outside, it was cool and comfortable inside the restaurant. I guess we've somewhat changed our minds about the place. We will definitely return, for the beef ribs!

Super high ceiling, with two floors within the building.

Last picture for the day. Do note that Jibby & Co is located outside the Empire Shopping Gallery, not inside!

Jibby & Co
GK11, Empire Shopping Gallery, 
Jalan SS 16/1, 47500, Subang Jaya
T: +603-5613 7070
Open daily, 830am - 1030pm

Friday, January 15, 2016

Top 5 Dishes at Dolly Dim Sum, Nu Sentral

One of the most popular posts in this blog is the one I wrote on the halal dim sum buffet at China Treasures, Sime Darby Convention Centre KL. (You can read it here.) It is steadily climbing up my Top 5 Popular Posts (currently at #2) and I think it will soon topple Aiden's Disney Cars 2nd Birthday Preparation.

Due to that, I constantly get queries, comments even emails for my recommendation of a good dim sum joint. Honestly, I am not one to comment nor recommend. In turn, I learn a lot from my readers, and somehow the name Dolly Dim Sum is always quoted whenever the topic strays to halal dim sum.

Dolly Dim Sum in Nu Sentral features a huge board (far right) that lists their best sellers.

Recently, Dolly Dim Sum opened their doors in Nu Sentral, just a stone's throw away from my beloved office. Despite my vehement protests about being broke, I was dragged there for lunch by a couple of colleagues. And... It was a damn fine lunch!

It was so good, that I decided that my better half should experience the same too. You see, Hubby is an avid lover of dim sum. Me? Boleh lah... I appreciate a good plate of nasi anytime. 

Do note that the layout in the ala carte menu does not match the one in the order chit. I had some troubles locating my order during my first visit.

Last weekend, we took the opportunity to have dinner there. I didn't take a whole lot of photos, but I certainly snapped photos of the ones that you simply have to try. In order of preference, here goes:

#1: Egg Custard Bun
This is probably the sole reason why you should make a visit here. Oh my, the warm salted egg yolk filling is so thick, rich and creamy, it oozes out as soon as you pry the bun open. Pair that with the soft and fluffy steamed bun... *sigh* You MUST try this! Sorry, but I simply can't stop raving about this dish. Just one taste will make you come back for more. (I am even craving for one as I am typing this!)

(Please don't make me compare this with the Salted Egg Yolk Bamboo Charcoal Bun from China Treasures. Both are equally good!)

Two baskets is a must; one for me, one for Hubby. No sharing allowed! *chuckles*

Check out that generous filling, oozing onto the plate. (We licked the plate clean!)

Beware, the filling is hot! (But oh, so good!!!) Don't forget to savour your first bite!

#2: Classic Siew Mai Dumpling
Served piping hot in a bamboo basket, this combination of minced chicken, prawns and shiitake mushrooms is a classic, and definitely a delight to the palate. 

Ample filling peeking out of the dumpling skin.

#3: Crystal Prawn Dumpling
Expect a generous portion of prawns and chives wrapped by a thin, silky translucent layer of dumpling skin.

Can you see the prawns underneath the translucent skin? 

#4: Baked Mini Egg Tart
The filling was tender and soft while the pastry casing was crisp and flaky.

Unfortunately everyone gobbled the tarts before I could get a picture, so how about a photo of us for a change? :P

#5: Roasted BBQ Bun and Dolly Mozza Roll
These two dishes tie for final spot number 5. If you love cheese, you should try the Dolly Mozza Roll, a special creation by Dolly Dim Sum. Crispy bean curd skin rolls stuffed with prawns and cheese! As for the Roasted BBQ Bun, the BBQ meat filling certainly went well with their signature honey sauce.

I love fried bean curd skin, so I am probably slightly biased.

What I don't recommend, is the Royal Golden Fried Rice. For ~RM23, the portion that arrived certainly didn't match the price. Nothing exceptional about the taste either. But it was all Aiden could eat (he doesn't like dim sum) so we didn't have much choice. We also ordered Crispy Egg Noodles. The portion was decent, but Aiden still preferred rice. (I guess he takes after his Mummy?) We also had the Wasabi Prawn Dumpling, Yam Croquette, Pan Fried Radish Cake - taste was okay but I wouldn't repeat those orders. I would probably prefer to stick to my top 5 (or issit 6?) choices. What I would probably try next? The Har Gao and the Scallop Cheong Fun.

Crispy Egg Noodles. 

Do note that Dolly Dim Sum is not a buffet. Each dim sum dish typically comes in threes. Average cost per dish is about RM10. The bill builds up pretty quickly, so in terms of value for money, China Treasures wins hands down. However, Dolly Dim Sum is a more convenient option if you ever need to satisfy a quick dim sum craving. On weekdays, it gets crowded pretty quickly during lunch hour. Once you get a seat, service is quick. Great ambiance, nice interior too.

The interior. 

Last picture for the night.

Overall, I must say it was a pleasant visit. We will definitely come again, especially for the Egg Custard Bun!

Dolly Dim Sum, Nu Sentral
LG.43 NU Sentral, 
No. 201, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 
50470 Kuala Lumpur
T: +603-22731450
11am - 10pm daily

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

98% of Happy Mothers

Ever since Aiden and Ian were engaged to be part of the Friso Gold Yes Experiment last April, our entire household has embraced the new milk on the get go. Ian is on Step 3 every three to four hours while Aiden is on Step 4 as his warm glass of milk before bed time. To date, the two boys have been full time on Friso Gold for over eight months, and counting! 

The most common concerns for me as a mum raising two boisterous boys are boosting immunity and building resistance. As part of growing up, my boys are eager to explore the world and try new things… which ultimately expose them to circumstances that may impair their health. 

Friso Gold helps children grow stronger from the inside. Starting with improving their digestive system where germs and bacteria first attack to strengthen their immune system.

Here are some other benefits your child will get with every glass of Friso Gold:

Other than the fact that the milk is 100% imported from Holland (I never knew that!!!), I am also very much in love with the packaging. For starters, each Friso Gold tin comes with a spoon holder, so that you don't have to dig around in the milk powder to retrieve the scoop. Totally hygienic, I advocate for every milk powder brand to adopt this ingenious design! Each tin also has a protection lid which seals brilliantly but is easy to open and close. However, my personal favourite is the accurate dosage leveler in the tin. Being an engineer and an avid baker, both require for me to be quite particular about precise measurements. With the very handy dosage leveler strategically located just at the top of the tin, I am assured that every time I prepare my children’s milk, it has the correct ratio of milk and water. Sheer pure genius!

Aiden really loves the taste of Friso Gold. I have noticed a marked improvement in his alertness and energy levels. Ian on the other hand cannot really articulate his love for the milk, but is constantly saying "Yeay!!", whenever I ask him if he wants his susu. Simple gestures like these ultimately convince me that Friso Gold is the best choice for them. Not only do they enjoy their warm milk, in turn I am also comforted by the fact that they are nourished to grow stronger from the inside. 

Happy, healthy and physically fit, with Friso Gold I’m confident my kids are able to enjoy the great outdoors. Similar to our sandbox experience in Week 3 of the Friso Gold Yes Experiment, we recently had a trip to the beach where I allowed the kids to experience nature first hand. They swam in the sea, dug for hermit crabs and built sand castles all day long! Knowing that my kids have a stronger natural body resistance courtesy of Friso Shield, I was a worry-free mummy and gave them their space, honoring their joyful moments. Thank you Friso Gold,for that priceless memorable experience.

Last but certainly not least, I am not the only one happy with Friso Gold, but 98% of Friso Gold mothers are also happy with Friso Gold products.* Discover the reasons behind the love of mother and child for Friso Gold at

#FrisoGoldMY #FrisoGoldMalaysia #LocNutri #preservesnutrients #easydigestionforstrongerinside
Disclaimer: *Results based on a database survey of Friso Gold mums.

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