Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome To Our Humble Home

Check out our revamped living hall here.
Check out our revamped kitchen and dining hall here.
Check out our revamped garden here.

Okay, so how long have I been away?

Yes, I know. Too long! So to get the creative juices flowing again to kick start this blog, how about feasting your eyes on some (as a good friend once said) 'house porn', which sadly includes interior design porn! And in this case, the house in question is apparently mine!

I know I promised pictures of our humble home just after Aiden's 2nd birthday cum housewarming party, and I did give you a bit of a preview of the guest room and our outdoor garden a few months back, but here are the rest of them as promised:

That's my front door you're looking at. The blind on the left is covering our patio window while the hallway to the right leads to the guest room and guest bathroom.

The chandelier was located at its current position after a lot (and I do mean a lot) of discussions with my ID contractor. I wanted it in the middle of the living hall, he didn't agree. He wanted it hung at the side of the living hall, I disagreed. In the end we compromised. And that brick wall? That's wallpaper! (I had you fooled didn't I?)

This is my living hall. The split level plaster ceiling integrates with the TV panel (not visible in picture).

See how the TV panel is connected seamlessly with the plaster ceiling?

This is the latest picture of the living hall as of yesterday, which explains why this carpet is different from the one below.

Same couch, same floor lighting, same decorative items. All imported from our old Ampang house.

To date, we have updated our living hall with a whole new mature look. Check out our revamped living hall here.

Guest bedroom. Yes, you've seen this one before.

Guest bathroom.

Bathroom amenities.

Black and white painting to match the black framed mirror.

Got two of these rainshowers at a very affordable price during HomeDec. The other is installed in Aiden's bathroom.

As you walk down the hallway past the patio, the dining hall is on the right. This is also where Aiden parks his car. *grin*

To date, we have updated our dining hall with a whole new modern look. Check out our revamped dining hall here.

Right opposite the dining hall lies the dry kitchen. Hubby's choice of an all white, glossy look made from I-Plus 3G material. Even the solid surface is white, which is an absolute hassle to maintain! BTW, I absolutely love my fan! Had to pujuk Hubby hard for that one.

The dry kitchen window overlooks a small side garden. Just after the dry kitchen, there is a hallway to the right (not visible in picture) heading to the wet kitchen.

That fridge, oven and microwave was sitting in our Ampang house for over a year before we moved home!

Breakfast table. Apart from using it for breakfast, I find it very handy to have a place to sit while mixing cakes or chopping onions. Although I still have some regrets on not making an island in the middle of the kitchen.

Fell in love with this flexible house faucet the minute I saw it. *drool*

Goodies brought home from Houston.

This is our wet kitchen. This is where most of the action takes place, so please forgive the mess. The material selection was by yours truly (they had such limited choices so this was the best they had) with a black granite counter top. Left window overlooks the same side garden as the dry kitchen.

Our old fridge from Ampang. Can you believe my Mum bought this one, and it still stands strong?

Adjacent to the wet kitchen lies the laundry room, maid's bathroom, maid's room and our back door, respectively. Also serves as Aiden's car park (his car is simply everywhere!!!)

Up we go! This is the second floor (I assumed the ground floor as the first floor). You can see another set of staircases on the top right, which leads to the attic.

As you walk into the master bedroom, my small modest walk-in closet (and dressing table - not visible in picture) is to the right. Placed the ottoman right underneath the chandelier, as inspired by the movie Sex and the City, where SJP sat on the ottoman looking at the wardrobe, wondering what she was going to wear that night. So cool! Except that she didn't have a stand fan on the floor like mine! *grin*

The side wardrobe. And it is official, I need more closet space!

This is where we sleep. Can you believe that the bed, panel and side tables were only ready like probably a few months ago, and for the longest time we were sleeping on a mattress, Japanese style? And then when the whole thing was ready, it felt so weird to sleep on an elevated mattress!

Next up, our master bathroom. I should probably warn you, this was probably what clinched the deal on this house. When we visited the showhouse, we were shocked to find that the master bathroom was actually as big as the original unrenovated master bedroom!

Two sinks - one mine, one his. Tak payah berebut. Love it!

Fits two adults and one toddler. Don't know what i'm going to do when number two comes along (whenever that is).

The glass door on the left leads to the shower while the glass door on the right of the jacuzzi leads to the WC toilet.

Moving on to the rest of the second floor:

This is our family hall, where we usually camp out to watch DVDs.

TV, courtesy of Macy. Wallpaper was obviously my choice (that is why it is pink!)

And my beloved bookcase which still holds books back since when I was probably as young as 4 years old! (I am a hoarder, remember?) Expect a lot of Sweet Valley and Enid Blyton in there. To the right of the bookcase is the entrance to Aiden's room.

Aiden's room!

This is where Aiden stores his toys (since he doesn't sleep here). Although I make it a point to give him his shower here and keep all his clothes in here (Mummy needs those closet space, baby!)

Where I chart his growth, just beside the bathroom door.

Aiden's bathroom.

And last but not least, is the guest bedroom - which is just next to Aiden's bedroom.

And the study within the guest room. Anyone fancy a night over?
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