Saturday, December 11, 2010

Viral Fever at Prince Court Medical Centre

I know I owe a long blogpost on my trip to Houston, but work hasn't exactly been kind to me these past few weeks. Hopefully when December 14th rolls in, I'll be able to take a step back and start blogging again.

To make things worse, I found out that my dad was admitted to the ICU during our 5th year anniversary dinner last Thursday for high blood pressure, which unfortunately didn't stop him from celebrating his 76th birthday in 'style' yesterday. And the pinacle of it all was when Aiden recorded an all time high fever (bordering 40degC) this morning and was admitted to the hospital for fear of dengue. Thank god it was only viral fever.

So I write this from the hospital bed in Prince Court Medical Centre. Aiden is (finally) sleeping beside me with a drip in line. I swear, it was a harrowing experience for him (and me) when they pricked his vein for blood and inserted an IV line at the emergency room. He has developed an extreme phobia of doctors and nurses and cries bloody murder everytime someone foreign walks into our hospital room.

I am really tired. Hopefully tonight is a peaceful night.

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  1. Get well soon Aiden!
    Hang on there mommy!

  2. hi's good to see familiar faces in this blogging world.. :) we din get d chance to know
    each other back in um but hope u recognise me :) hope ur aiden will get well soon!

  3. Thanks Pu3. This is very very challenging!!!

  4. Hi Zue, good to know that I have a reader back from my UM days. How are you?


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