Monday, May 30, 2011

Of 911 Negeri Sembilan Food

Just got back from lunch and boy, oh boy, what a scrumptious lunch it was. Have you guys been to Restoran Rose 911, Kg Pandan? They have the best Negeri Sembilan food ever!

I have been frequenting this restaurant ever since they were still in a small restaurant by the road side. I believe the original name was Restoran 911, mainly because there used to be an old police car just beside the restaurant. Mind you, it wasn't our local police car, but rather an American police car! How it got there, I honestly do not know. But it was there for the longest time and it looked so old and dilapidated. The owner's name was Kak Ros and she used to come over and say hello to my Mum whenever we dropped by. I absolutely loved their daging salai masak lemak. Tambah nasi berpinggan pinggan! Then one day it was all gone! The police car was gone, the restaurant was closed. I heard that they moved the police car away and it took them a whole tank of fuel just to get the car moving from that spot to another spot a few hundred meters away. That was how fuel inefficient the car was!

Years after years went by and I totally forgot about the restaurant. I would pass by the place every evening coming home from work and it would look the same as ever. Closed. No sign of activity whatsoever.

Until one day, Hubby mentioned about this really great Negeri Sembilan place which he would usually go to with his friends for lunch. He loves the deep fried fish, as it was so crunchy that you can even munch on the bones! Or in his words, "sampai pipi ikan pun boleh makan!" (you can even eat the fish's cheeks). Now since when do fish have cheeks???

So off we went to this place he mentioned. And, of course, it was the same restaurant! Bigger (they expanded the footprint of the restaurant), better and open for lunch (which explains why they looked closed in the evenings).

Really really good food. Come early as parking is limited. 12-ish is fine. Never after 1pm since you can probably never find parking.
Check out the daging salai masak lemak and rebung masak lemak . *drool*

That's the fried fish which Hubby was so in love with. It is usually at the far left of the food line.

A close up. I believe it is mackerel? I can never understand how they fry them, it is so crunchy! Note that you should eat them there, as I tried bringing them home for dinner and it wasn't as nice as when it was hot off the frying pan!

Check them out on Facebook too.

I know Vernon (Ning Baizura's ex manager) once reviewed this place too. So since a celebrity blogger has been here, why don't you try it too?

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