Friday, December 4, 2015

Short Update, Swiss to Italy!

Currently stuck on a 4-hour train from Venice to Rome. Since the train has WiFi for a charge of only €1cent, here I am!

Since we left Paris, we did two days in Swiss including one day in Jungfraujoch - the top of Europe, a short 5 hour stopover in Milan and then three days in beautiful Venice.

Swiss was absolutely breathtaking. Beautiful mountain alps and pine trees covered in snow, quaint wooden cottages with fresh logs outside and smoke puffing out of their chimneys, yummy hot chocolate, and best of all - everyone speaks English and are oh so friendly!

I can gladly attest to their kind souls, as Hubby and I made the silly mistake of going on the wrong train on our way to Milan. The train was supposed to leave at 805am. At 802am, a train pulled up to the station so we hurriedly boarded the train as we only had 3 minutes before the train left. Well the train left at 804am, to make way for the 805am train. We were on the wrong train!!!

Due to our silly mistake, we subsequently missed all our connecting trains. Gambled our luck and boarded the train ticketless all the way to the Swiss-Italy border. Each train we went on, we looked for the ticket controller and explained to him our predicament. Each time we were allowed to stay on free! Only at the last station, since it was going to cross a country border, the ticket controller sold to us half price supplementary tickets. To the Swiss, we are forever in debt!

Arrived in Milan an hour later than planned. Good thing we had planned for a six hour stopover anyway, so we could still catch up with our train to Venice. In Milan, we made a quick trip to the Duomo and had a very satisfying lunch at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. Our first pizza and pasta in Italy!

It was almost dark when we arrived in Venice. But contrary to Interlaken which closes down sharp at 630pm, the Venice streets were abuzz with activity! Night markets and pretty shops with plenty of small lanes to explore and discover.

I'll save the Venice story for another post (whenever I get WiFi!) but I'll end with a photo of Venice at dawn. Subuh di Venice:

Till next time, Ciao!

With love from Venice,

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