Thursday, May 31, 2018

Resting Bitch Face

I've been meaning to blog about this for a while, cos this subject has been constantly on my mind. I personally find it extremely insulting to judge a person by its cover. Meaning to judge a person by their face, i.e. to form a quick opinion and judgement based on a facial expression.

Why? Well because it feels like a personal attack. I know very well that I have a Resting Bitch Face (RBF). I don't have a smiley face, hence I come across as very garang and unfriendly. I've had a few friends telling this straight to my face (which I appreciate very much). And honestly? My sullen face doesn't bother me much. (In fact I pretty love it especially whenever Hubby and I come across booths signing people up for credit cards; Hubby always gets approached while everyone tend to stay clear of me!) *chuckles*

I am quite comfortable in my own skin, that I actually don't mind it when my boss calls me out for having a garang face *smiles*

When does it start to bother me? When I hear stories about how people in the workplace (especially the junior ones) shy away from me just because they are too scared to face me. In one extreme, a graduate actually cancelled lunch with a friend, just because my friend said that I was going to join them for lunch! (What's that all about??!!) Like seriously, I don't bite.

I recently had coffee with a friend and he point blank told me, "Liz, you have a garang face while Ms. X has a more pleasant face. Tapi sebenarnya, you lagi baik dari Ms. X!" *rolls on the floor laughing*

On a different occasion, a friend started gossiping about someone new who just came into the company. She said, "Muka dia tak friendly langsung! Sure berlagak tuh." I told her off immediately. Told her that it wasn't nice to make assumptions.

So there you go, my vent about RBF. Honestly ladies, I don't bite.


  1. biarkan apa org nak judge, susah lah nak tutup mulut orang as long as kita ada hati yang baik ...
    and yes it is true, kita bukan nak makan orang pun ... pernah kena juga kes mcm ni time kerja dulu ...

  2. I think people with RBF ni actually senang bila bekerja. People will take them seriously and kerja mesti jalan. Orang takut nak main-main. But people like me, people said muka tak matured. Orang memang tak percaya although i ada more than 10 years experience working in multi national companies and overseas project. Semua ingat i setakat low level executive jer and langsung tak take me seriously. Geram jugak.


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