Saturday, November 17, 2012

Revamping Our Living Hall

*We recently changed our curtains and painted our walls. Click here to view our revamped living hall.


That was what Hubby said when I told him that I wanted to purchase a Persian carpet.

His surprise was not really due to the price factor (although he did yelp the same word when we went to the carpet shop later) but he was actually more surprised that I wanted a Persian carpet as I had always preferred the modern zen minimalistic look! (Check out my previous post on our living hall and home deco here.)

And to be honest, it was Hubby that cultivated my preference for the modern look. He had always chosen white clean lines for our house - even our dry kitchen is pure all white! But slowly and surely, Hubby started commenting about how nice Persian carpets were and how we could make it work with modern furniture combinations. I on the other hand, have always perceived Persian carpets as a choice for the older crowd. Something that would go with carved wood furniture and the likes of that.

That all changed when I visited a friend's house. Somehow her house managed to make me see how a Persian carpet can actually compliment modern furniture to make the space look classy and cozy. Of course, when I pitched the idea to Hubby he was a bit wary about how serious I really was. But with my excellent influencing skills, he finally conceded.

Our revamped living hall.

I was very choosy about the design of the Persian carpet that I wanted. And because I had my heart set on purchasing a black sofa, I wanted the carpet borders to be black. Alas, we only found one which merely looks black but if you look at it very closely, it is actually dark blue. But I loved the design! And with my superb bargaining skills (we actually walked out of the shop before the shopkeeper called us back in to give us the price we asked for), we got a really really good deal for the size and quality of the piece!

Thankfully, the carpet matched the existing curtains so I was spared the headache of sourcing for new curtains!

Then the next headache came. Our existing L-shape sofa was too modern to match the Persian carpet. Not only that, the colour was out too! Finally, Hubby agreed that we should buy a new (black!) sofa, to replace the old couch that we brought over from the Ampang house. Finding a black sofa was easy, but finding the perfect sized sofa (to match our long rectangular shaped living hall) was not easy! Even a three seater was too small and we didn't want the sofa to be too bulky either!

The chosen black sofa.

Then of course, the shopaholic in me wanted more furniture pieces to compliment the sofa. We wanted the living hall to look spacious so we agreed that we shouldn't have any bulky chairs between the living hall and the hallway. Finally we decided on a simple daybed with a black textured material.

Day bed. Perfect for lounging around with a book or an iPad.

And then Hubby wanted a pair of armchairs! Who am I to disagree to the shopaholic side of him. *grin* So we purchased a pair of very comfortable and plush armchairs to flank the u-shaped windows.

Hubby's favourite spot.

The pair of arm chairs at the end of the living hall.

So that was where we splurged our bonus for the year. Now it's time to duduk diam diam and save money! *smile*


  1. Hi Lizzie. glad to see you back :) memang dok tunggu jee update dr Lizzie. Dulu saya ada tinggal message utk link blog Lizzie kat blog saya. Hope you don't mind. Thank's for that.

    Anyway, wish Belated Birthday to Aiden! He's a big & handsome boy now!

  2. Hi Lizzie. sori. not sure my prev post as Hijab & such... was send or not. it should using my personal blog - along25.blogspot. thank you & sorry.

    anyway, in case the message was failed, wish Happy Belated Birthday to Aiden! He's a big & handsome boy!

    Also, welcome back. glad to read your updates!

    take care.

  3. welcome back dear.. :) I luuuurve da new carpet.. Sadly, it will be ages since I can afford one.. :p

  4. Hi Miss Forest, Hazie! Thank you for the wish. Aiden is a very big boy now... how time flies. BTW I love you hijab collection website! ;)

  5. Farah! OMG it's been so long! Too long! I see you have made a lot of beautiful additions to your house ;) Trust me the carpet is affordable - you stand your ground and walk out of the kedai until you get the price you want, ok? Hehehe


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