Thursday, April 14, 2011

In Houston for Easter!

Guess where I am and will be for the next 2 weeks?

I guess the title of this post already gave it away!!! But of course it is not for Easter lah. It is obviously for work. But I am contemplating making a short trip to either Las Vegas or San Francisco (for the latter to meet my PR green-card big brother) before I head home.

Unfortunately, this time around, I won't have this cheeky boy (and his Daddy) around to keep me company.



  1. i tak penah lg jauh2 ngan Irfan. Macam mana laa kalau kena nanti..syahdu kot!

  2. Tuh la, sangat rindu! Memang by the end of one week tuh dah rindu sangat sangat!!! Nak cakap phone ngan Aiden, die tak faham. Dengar org cerita dia nangis bila tiba tiba ingat kat Mummy, lagi lah sedih!


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