Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outdoor Garden Furniture

The first thing I wanted to buy with my bonus this year, was an outdoor garden furniture set. The patio is too bare for my liking, and I felt like the living hall and the dining area were too disconnected because of the current house design. Having furniture at the patio would make the area more usable - for moonlight dinners or even surfing the internet under the twinkling stars, and therefore this space would provide a bit more continuity to both the living and the dining.

And I finally got my wish last weekend! We were scouting around high and low for the perfect outdoor garden furniture. Saw some very expensive ones online and even equally expensive ones at the furniture malls by the road side. I wasn't keen in spending too much on it, and was prepared to accept a synthetic rattan set for an affordable price tag. We had initially decided on a simple set - a table with 4 chairs at Houz Depot, going for an affordable RM999. And so I was simply waiting for my bonus to be banked in, and the very day I received my pay cheque, both Hubby and I drove straight to Houz Depot with the intention of placing a deposit on the set. But biasa lah, when you feel like you have extra money in the bank, the nafsu of getting an upgrade kicked in! I immediately fell in love with a 2+1+1 seater instead! Hubby took quite a while to succumb to my pleads and (sometimes absurd) reasonings, but in the end he agreed.

The set was finally delivered last Friday. I was in Miri when they delivered it and only got to see it when I arrived home that night. I was extremely excited with my purchase that we had almost every meal in that area during the weekend. Apart from the normal meals, we even had a durian session (FIL brought home a car-full of durians from the dusun in Teluk Intan) and a BBQ (with marinated lambs purchased from Jusco).

Check out my new splurge! Totally loving it!!!

And also, check out the 'mountain' of durians!!!

We stuffed ourselves silly the night the durians arrived, a few hours after that Hubby's squash friends arrived for a durian supper, the next day another gang of Hubby's had durians for tea while my MIL made kuah durian to be delivered to my SILs in university, Bibik made tempoyak and we gave some durians away to our neighbours.... and still we had leftovers!!

And this was Sunday night, early BBQ because everyone had to work the next day.

Nyummy lamb and chicken.

We certainly made full use of the outdoor garden furniture last week. Definitely looking forward to this coming weekend!


  1. gosh... just loving the new patio set... so exquisite... i pun rase cam nk berbbq jeks kat umah u... hahaha...

  2. Surfing the internet under the twinkling stars, hehe...oohhh, so romantic lah..:) I like your patio...looks cosy! And your garden...i wish i have those space/garden. Best...senang nak buat kenduri/party/makan2...:)

  3. babe!kalau hujan tak basah ke?but am loving it too!nice! :D

  4. Farah, thanks! Mari mari kita berBBQ Tapi after one round of BBQ habis cushion I bau asap. Tapi redha jer laaaaa ;)

  5. Zurin, mmg best main internet kat luar. Plenty of cool breeze and I can still watch the TV in the living room from where I sit at the patio. Bliss! Alhamdulillah very happy!

  6. Sha, kalau hujan mmg basah so that's why we bring in the cushions every night, or whenever it rains. Hoping that next year's bonus is good to contribute towards a pergola pulak ;)

  7. saw the first picture and was all like, "why did she plant that huge group of cactus right there? x bahaya ke?".

    and then i realised itu adalah selonggok durian. hahaha.

  8. Hahaha cactus? Funny lah you! Better selonggok durian rather than selonggok cactus ;)

  9. Hi..Liz, I was surfing the web and I found this blog was sooo lovely. I love this blog :)


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