Tuesday, June 14, 2011

And June Comes Rolling In...

And so June rolls in and it is finally time for Hubby's surgery. Remember this post last year?

Well all the tests have been conducted and the date has been set. Hubby will undergo open heart surgery at the end of this week. Alhamdulillah, our niat to have a sembahyang hajat was completed last week and our annual leaves are now approved. Hubby will be off for two months while the Dutch Oil Company has kindly granted me half pay leave for 2weeks and the remaining as annual leave. I would prefer not to share in public on why he will be having this surgery (although I can safely say it is definitely not because of his coronary artery), but am happy to share why, if you're willing to ask.

We are currently still preparing ourselves mentally. InsyaAllah all will be well and I am praying for a succesful surgery.

On a lighter note, it looks like Hubby will merasmikan our guest room downstairs. When we bought the house I envisaged the room to be a confinement room for our next baby. I had enough of being confined in the master bedroom upstairs while my in-laws 'kidnap' the baby from my arms and then hear peals of laughter and joy coming from our living hall downstairs. So I was determined to be downstairs to be part of the action the next time around. Little did I know that Hubby would beat me to it as a recovery room post surgery.

In preparation, we spent last weekend making the room ready. This was how the room looked before:

Yes, that's a treadmill in the room.

It was a bit inappropriate to have a treadmill in a recovery room so we have dragged the treadmill to the living hall, in front of the TV. No more excuses not to exercise!

However, we still felt like the room was a bit bare, there wasn't even a side table for Hubby to store his belongings, what more his medicine. Furthermore, Hubby was definitely going to have to sleep on the bed alone. No way are we taking chances with Aiden yang tidur buas to sleep in the same bed with his Daddy. He might just kick his Daddy's chest accidentally! So we thought a sofa bed would be a nice touch. Aiden and I can sleep on the sofa bed, and in the future when a new baby comes along, the new baby and I can occupy the bed while Hubby and Aiden sleep on the sofa bed. Although convincing Aiden to sleep on the sofa bed is a completely different hurdle we have to tackle. I'll cross the bridge when I get there!

So last weekend we finally made our purchases. A side table and a sofa bed, both from Ikea. It was not easy to look for a side table and a sofa bed which is of suitable size. Especially the sofa bed, since it has to fit in the nook at the far right of the room. Anyway, this is how the room looks like now. Apologies for the poor photo quality - when is the iPhone 5 coming again? *grin*

The living hall carpet is now demoted into a guest room carpet.

All ready for the recovering patient.

Thanks for all your well wishes and doa so far. We appreciate every single one of them and would like to request for you to not stop mendoakan for the well being of our family.

Take care!


  1. Liz, pray that all goes well for your hubby's open heart surgery. Semoga dipermudahkan...InsyaAllah.

  2. Liz, may the surgery go smoothly. Take care.

  3. Zurin, thanks. Hopefully all will go well, insyaAllah.

  4. Although I do not know you and your hubby in person, but since I like to read your family journey through this blog feels like I know you close enough. Sincerely I send you my prayer for the operation to be successful and hope for your hubby to recover fast and get well soon.
    All the best :)

  5. Liz..InsyaAllah everything dipermudahkan-Nya..

  6. My prayer for you n family..insyallah everything will go well..we both do not know each other.. just wanna drop some words of encouragement. Be strong girl. Take care..eijah mhs

  7. Hi Kak Aisyah, thanks for your message. Hopefully everything goes well ;) we can only pray and hope ;)

  8. Dian, thanks for reading my blog. Despite being in different countries I appreciate your thought of dropping me a note of encouragement and hope. Thank you!

  9. Mira, insyaAllah semuanya dipermudahkan for our family. ;)

  10. Eijah, even though we do not know each other, I appreciate your words of encouragement. Thanks again ;)


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