Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Night in the Garden

I know I promised no pictures of our new crib until Aiden's 2nd birthday cum Housewarming Party in April, but it looks like that the event will have to be pushed to May due to work circumstances (Houston, here I come again!), and I simply cannot resist sharing pictures of our hard earned effort to make our house a home.

But this time around, enjoy the pictures of a night in our garden first. Pictures of the interior, you say? Coming soon!

Took these pictures the night before we left for our weekend in Singapore......

Because of Aiden's obsession with fish (his first word was fish!), we bought 10 small fishes and placed them in that black bowl with the water lillies. Unfortunately they all died due to the heat - the water was too shallow. Kesian.

When I took these pictures, the gardener had just cut the grass and placed sand on top of it, which explains the bald patches.
Love my favourite corner! Glad hubby decided to make that corner a bit elevated and definitely glad that it turned out so well!

U-shaped and L-shaped modern windows. That's my master bedroom on the top floor.

Two of my garden lights were not working. Can you spot them?

Stone steps leading to the patio.

Our humble patio. Plan is to 'make' our own pergola. When? Your guess is as good as mine!
The area on the left of the patio is the living hall (with the U-shaped window), while the area on the right of the patio is the dining hall (you can even see the kaki kerusi). Therefore the two areas are separated into two distinct sections by the patio.
Alhamdulillah ;)


  1. You have a very beautiful house. Can't wait to see more.

  2. Thanks pu3! Will be uploading pictures of the interior soon. I can't wait for pictures of your renovation and new house too...

  3. Mien, thanks ;) And thanks for reading my humble blog ;)

  4. Heidee, thanks for the compliment ;)

  5. ur garden is aesthetically very pleasing..luv the simplicity concept ;)


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