Thursday, November 15, 2012

Aiden's First Day at Kindergarten & Birthday Celebration!

First day of kindergarten!
Aiden is such a big boy nowadays *sniff*sniff* We finally decided that he should be spending his time more productively other than just watching Disney Channel all day at home. Furthermore, Aiden really should be socializing with other kids his age (cos it doesn't look like he's going to get a sibling anytime soon)! Aiden started school in March, two months later than anyone else because he had a slight accident at the start of the year - but that's another story. For his first day of school, I took half day off so that if I was needed I would be close by.

Don't be fooled by the sad face above. He was actually crying because I told him that he was not allowed to bring his favourite toy to school. Aiden is quite the social butterfly, happy to be friends with everyone and afraid of no one. 
"I want to bring my car to school, Mummy!!"
So after the initial drama, we finally left the house for school. And no, we did not take the car. We walked!

Aiden showing the way to his school.
"This way, Mummy!"

See the colourful house in front of Aiden? That's his kindergarten. And recognize the house on the left and the small gate at the side? Yessssssss that's our house! Yup, I can literally hand Aiden to the kindergarten through the garden fence since we share the same wall! I love that his kindergarten is so convenient - I don't have to worry about my maid walking around the housing area to pick Aiden up from school. In fact, she shouldn't have any reason to be walking around anywhere!

The verdict? He did not cry! In fact, he voluntarily walked in, said bye to me and went inside to play. Come lunch hour, I picked him up and he was chattering away, full of stories.

Fast forward to today, it's not that easy to get him to school nowadays. Its not that he hates school - but he prefers to stay home with me. He's always so clingy so I have to resort to sneaking out to work before he wakes up so that the maid can get him ready for school without any crocodile tears drama. There were a few instances when I would hide in another room just to check, and naturally, if he doesn't see my face in the morning, he's really really happy to get ready for school!

Combining two posts into one, check out the pictures from Aiden's birthday celebration at his kindergarten, just a day after his actual birthday cum beach birthday party. Of course, I had to hide in the guest bedroom while the maid got him ready for school and as soon as he went to school, I got straight to work - frying nuggets and some pasta for his friends!

Since we had so much leftover from the beach party birthday cake, I decided to just bring the same cake to school!

Love the attention to detail. Number 3 on the sand scoop!

Love the "sand" too! Crushed biscuits and fondant seashells.

Party favours. Thankfully I had placed aside a number just for Aiden's kindy friends. Beach ball favour bags from Oriental Trading.

Personalized milk chocolates from Dear Azalea.
The party's here!!!
Aiden's teachers were so thoughtful - they had decorated the front hall just for Aiden's party. With balloons and all! As soon as Aiden saw me with the cake he started jumping up and down saying "My party, my party!" over and over again.

Aiden's kindy mates.
And then the drama began. The number 3 candle on top of the cake broke, and of course Aiden started crying his eyes out. A sweet neighbour of mine (who came with me to help with taking picture) rushed home to get replacement candles.

Before the drama.

After the drama. Phewwww...
Managed to get a video of Aiden blowing his candles out.

Cutting the cake.

Why was I the only one smiling in this picture??!!

Cutting the first slice.

And still cutting the first slice.

Aiden's teacher coming to the rescue.

Happy Aiden!

Everyone had cake.

Aiden enjoying his cake, and what was remaining of the cake!
Then it was party favours time! Aiden proudly gave everyone one party favour bag, one water gun and one personalized chocolate. He had so much fun!

The line for the party favours giveaway.

Showing off his watergun!

Aiden's birthday present from his kindergarten. He received a laptop! It was green and sang nursery rhymes. Thank you teachers!

Love the group picture!

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