Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Where Did 2012 Go??!!

OhEmGee... Did I really leave this blog for nearly a year??!! Granted, I was busy, but I did not realise that my last post was back in December! Had my sister over a few days ago for pavlova, and she said she was going to make a big hoohaa on my Facebook on the anniversary of my last post. So before she makes a big scene, here I am writing my first post for 2012!

Aiden is now 3, Hubby is 31 and I am 29. Fine, fine... I am 15days away from turning 30. Give me a break, I am an end-year baby! Just in case you have forgotten how we look like, this is a recent picture we took about 3months ago. Check out Aiden's cheeky face!

What have I been busy with, you ask? Apart from work (having to step up to the plate of doing a lead role due to resource constraints pushed me to the edge of being absolutely overworked), I kept myself busy further by:
  • Keeping to Hubby's resolution of running at least one competitive run per month
  • Baking using my 2011 birthday present - a Raspberry Pink glass bowl KitchenAid
  • Planning (and executing) Aiden's beach themed 3rd birthday by the poolside at the Clubhouse
  • Making dessert tables for kids birthdays, a wedding and even a Royal birthday, not to mention the excitement of making a dessert table for Aaron Aziz's daughters' birthday *swoon*!
Too much to blog about, but I promise I will try. Especially to recap our early year Hard Rock Penang holiday, Aiden's recent graduation concert (yes, Aiden goes to kindergarten now!) and Hubby's birthday getaway to Redang Island.Thanks for not forgetting about me all these months! *grin*

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