Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lau Wan Fried Kuetiau - Childhood Memories!

Best kuetiau (kuey teow) in town!
It was just meant to be. That fateful morning, Hubby asked for an English breakfast. As I was googling for Sunday morning English brunch to satisfy his craving (I wonder, who's the pregnant one now??), by chance I googled a name that evoked memories from at least 15 years ago.

Kuey Teow Lau Wan had always been my Mum's favourite. Everytime we went to visit my aunt (who used to stay in SS2), we would always make a pitstop and tapau several bungkus of his scrumptious kuey teow as dinner. Upon arriving at my aunt's house, everyone would gather around the dinner table to enjoy the kuey teow, with comments about how good it tasted like and how one pack was just not enough! I think we started frequenting his stall when I was 8 years old. Unfortunately, when I was 15, we drove up to his usual stall only to find that he had moved! And this was a time when Facebook or Google didn't exist. And that became the last time I had the nyummy kuey teow. *sigh*

Imagine my surprise, 15 years later, to find out via Google that his business is still in existence! He even has his own Facebook page! And Uncle Lau Wan still looks the same, albeit some thinning white hair. Of course, his kuey teow made it into my mengidam list and after a few weeks of careful planning, the SPK gang finally made the trip to his stall. Hubby even called ahead to check whether they were open since he was so worried that his heavily pregnant wife wouldn't be able to have the kuey teow before she popped (and face the wrath afterwards)!

That's Uncle Lau Wan himself in green, frying each and every plate of kuey teow goreng himself.
Can you see the list in yellow on the right side of the stall? He has expanded his business to not just fried kuey teow, but also other dishes too! And yes, we ordered every single thing on the yellow menu!

First up, the tauhu bakar arrived. It was sooooo finger licking good. The tauhu was crisp, with a generous heap of nuts, bean sprouts and shredded cucumber topped with to-die-for homemade sauce.

Tauhu bakar! Will definitely order this again.
Next came the rojak buah. I am not a big fan of rojak (probably since I don't particularly like fruits and vegetables), and whenever I do have rojak it would be mee rojak mamak. But the homemade rojak sauce was really good so I left most of it to the other girls to finish up.

Rojak buah. Mixed vegetables and fruits with homemade rojak sauce and a generous sprinkling of nuts.
The kuey teow arrived soon after. The first picture above shows the kuey teow with prawns (unpeeled), cockles, bean sprouts soya sauce and cili padi. The one below is the kiddy version - kuey teow without sayur and tauge! Not only for Aiden, but for me as well (told you i'm not fond of vegetables). Seriously, his kuey teow still tastes the same even after 15 years. In my opinion it is even better than the famous kuey teow over at Doli's in TTDI. Aiden finished one whole plate all by himself!

Kiddy version of the scrumptious kuey teow.
While we were enjoying our meal, Uncle Lau Wan himself came to deliver the next dish - sotong kangkung. It was sooooo good as well (apa yang tak sedap kat kedai nie???) and I of course enjoyed the squid more than the kangkung. We engaged Uncle Lau Wan in a conversation and I told him about how his kuey teow had been my childhood favourite, how I lost him when he moved shop and how I found him over the internet through his Facebook page. I think my story must have moved him (or because we were the biggest crowd at this stall that night - 9 adults and 8 kids!) that he came back with his business card for each of us and offered us a taste of a bowl of his mee kari, on the house!

Sotong kangkung -  definitely another must try!
Even our resident cook in the gang admitted that the mee kari was really good (despite her initial reservations that the kuah was a bit too cair). In the end she relented and even asked Uncle for his recipe. His answer? He pounds/grinds all the ingredients from scratch - no instant rempah kari okay! When one of us commented that his sotong kangkung tastes exactly like the one from the lady who used to sell behind his stall, he told us that the sotong kangkung sauce used by the lady was actually by him - he sells it to the lady who then prepares the complete dish to sell! By the end of the conversation, he had all of us wondering why our husbands are not as savvy in the kitchen as Uncle Lau Wan! *grin*

He even entertained our request for a picture. Ignore my 39weeks chubby cheeks!
Not in picture is the above mentioned mee kari and kerang bakar. Despite being in a stall environment, Uncle Lau Wan is very very clean, and this is proven when the kerang bakar he served to us were cleaned until the shells were white!

Meanwhile, the kids were keeping themselves occupied by playing musical chairs!

Aiden trying his very best to stay in the game.
In the end, of course only the older kids remained in the game.
It was a really good last outing with the girls before I popped. I laughed my head off the whole night, and forgot about my nervousness with the upcoming labour. Heck, I think I even ignored my Braxton Hicks contractions that night.

If you want a taste of that fabulous kuey teow (or even to order his homemade rojak sauce to go), Uncle Lau Wan is open from 530pm - 11pm and located at:

No. 13, Jalan SS3/33, Selera Wawasan, Petaling Jaya.

And this is his Facebook page. Enjoy!

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