Friday, November 8, 2013

A Mature Garden

I was flicking through my old posts about my garden here and here, and was shocked at how bare my garden was back then. Hubby enjoys gardening and our now mature garden certainly reflects that.

Since our house is so close by to Sg Buloh, we are constantly adding on to the garden. There were certainly a lot of trial and errors - just because the leaves are healthy and the flowers are blooming at the nursery, it doesn't mean that it will stay that way once it gets into your garden. We are not gardeners, nor do we have time to tend to the plants everyday. We only make sure all the plants get water once a day and fertilizer twice a month, and even that doesn't guarantee healthy plants! We once planted a row of red shrubs, and they all started dying one by one until not even one survived. *sigh*

Our front door. What used to be bare, is now blooming.
Ignore the umbrellas. As you can see, i'm trying my hand out in orchids now, but frankly, it's not looking too successful. The plant in the pasu was taken from my aunt's house, and I was so surprised that with the right amount of shade, it is quite easy to maintain. We used to have a plant with sharp leaves in the corner beside the pebble filled drain and the roses, and it was growing big (as tall as me) and healthy when suddenly while we were in Houston, we received a call from my in-laws reporting that the tree rebah ke tanah! Apparently anai anai had attacked the batang pokok to the point that it became hollow. So we are now trying out a new tree with red leaves. Read that it is not an easy tree to maintain, and there is also a possibility that the leaves will turn green - we'll see!

My future Tiger Woods. In this picture the corner I mentioned above was still bare. Cucuk dengan pelita jer in memory of the tree that fell. So sad!
Bought this kids' golf bag and set of clubs in Houston. Reasonable price, complete set of clubs were only USD 10!
The above mentioned tree with red leaves. Tiny roses blooming on the left.
Front view of the garden. 
Remember we used to have a black bowl with water lilies at the end of the pebble filled drain? Well the black bowl is now elevated on a vase stand. In its place we placed a big white pasu - don't ask me how much soil we had to use to fill that huge thing! Our favourite corner is still flourishing - as you can see the trees are big and sturdy and we added two new Bucida trees beside the corner and in front of the elevated black bowl. 

Middle view of the garden from the front.
Ignore the freshly cut grass. I hate it when the gardener cuts the grass this way, it looks patchy instead of smooth. We changed the row of shrubs between the two elevated vases at least 3 times until we finally found one particular type which is very hardy and that the rabbits hate to chew on! White garden tables and chairs courtesy of the in laws. I especially love the plant with the white flowers at the end of the wall strip. It is constantly blooming!

Water lilies in the afternoon. But they bloom beautifully in the morning!
Middle view of the garden from the back.
Previously, the walls were bare. Now, its completely covered with multiple types of plants. Hubby loves pokok lalang, so you can see a clump of pokok lalang with red leaves just beside the tree on the left, and on the right in the elevated vase is another type of pokok lalang that lives in water.

See the ends of the pokok lalang? I don't have to buy the fake ones they sell in Ikea. Instead, they live naturally in my garden!
View from the patio. Water slide dirt cheap from Houston, as usual.
The patio garden.
When I first bought my garden furniture, the patio was completely bare! This is where I grow my herbs. Alhamdulillah after 3 tries, my rosemary looks healthy. My daun kunyit on the contrary, macam hidup segan, mati tak mahu. Any tips?? On the other hand, my Hydrangeas (pokok tiga bulan) are blooming with leaves, but refuses to sprout any flowers. Again, any tips??

View of the patio from inside the house.
Adventurous Hubby decided to bring this aeroplane home from Houston. Very impressed that he managed to stuff it into our luggage safely!
Back view of the garden.
Our bamboo tree in the right hand corner of the picture is growing healthy and tall. Daun pandan is also flourishing. But I think I need taller trees to block the laundry area. Next project, maybe?

Tiger Woods concentration in action. Red bushes lining the dining hall windows are constantly getting attacked by anai anai *sigh*
Check out that winning smile!
And as a finale - at the back of my garden, introducing my pride and joy. A pokok kari that is even taller than me!

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  1. Gosh!! breathtaking garden lizzie... its one of my plans to have a garden.. but with no bibik had to wait till Ruzain is big enough to handle himself while mama is bz wit her garden.. hahaha...


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