Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ian at Five Months Old!

A day shy of turning six months old! Wearing a jubah that Daddy bought for him during a recent business trip to Dubai.

Wow, where has the year gone? In a blink of an eye it's already June - half of the year has disappeared!

Anyhow, here's Ian's development over the last month:
  • If last month was the month to flip over like a pro, this month around, he flips over a few times very very quickly. Flipping is currently his main mode of ground transportation to get around the living hall! If left alone, he can flip until under the TV panel! Once he even flipped until the edge of the u-shape window and our maid found him sucking the curtains! *sigh*

This was just yesterday. Left him for just a minute, and found him banging his head over and over against the TV panel (in an attempt to flip over again).
In the end he gave up and started sucking his fingers while waiting for someone to rescue him.

  • When flipped over, he can hold his head up high and even uses his two arms to bear his body up.
  • Love to cubit people, especially when you dukung him and his hands are close to your tender neck skin! I know he doesn't mean it, but it hurts! More so if I forget to clip his fingernails short!! Sometimes he pulls our hair too! Geram agaknya. According to my maid, I must have consumed a lot of prawns and crabs during my pregnancy, hence the pincher fingers. Too much Fatty Crab, I guess?
  • Tears up very easily. Ian is not a wailer, but when he cries, he cries. And I am talking about a puddle of tears and all that. 
  • If you put him in a sitting position, he can stabilize himself in that sitting position without any support at all! 

This sitting position is supported by the chair. But recently we were forced to bathe him in a hotel sink (holiday woes!) and we found out that he can maintain a sitting position unsupported even when on a hard surface (in this case, the sink)!

  • Loves sucking on anything sugary. Congo bars, sugar biscuits, practically any dessert that mummy is having!
  • Has started to eat two meals per day. But hates being left in the high chair without food. Milk intake has lessened significantly too. And his farts are really really nasty nowadays - phewwwww!
  • Loves biting on his Heinz teething biscuit. Must be on a teething frenzy!
  • Shy at heart. If di-agah he will usually smile easily but then he will immediately turn away or find a place to bury his head. So endearing! Issit because he's shy? We'll find out when he's older!

Are you really shy Ian? Or are you an extrovert like Aiden?

  • When I hold him up standing, he not only jumps, sometimes he even extends his foot out to take a step or two!
  • Still wakes up between 3-5 times every night. Oh when is he going to sleep through the night? *sleepy face*

My snuggly bunny getting himself settled for bed.
Every night I would silently pray that he would sleep through the night!

  • Has a deep throaty voice. Uses that voice to "talk" or converse with people. It's quite unique - I recorded it as well to ensure I remember this particular voice!
  • Is starting to blow bubbles (or rather blow saliva with his mouth)! Sometimes he would drink his milk and even blow into the bottle. Very mischievous.
  • Attracted to bright objects. Would extend his hand to touch and grab anything that attracts his attention, especially ones that are bright colours or emits light such as my phone and laptop. Oh, he loves remotes too. The Astro remote, especially!

Check out that intrigued face and his attempt to try and pull the soft toy into his mouth.
Picture was taken as soon as he woke up, so excuse the eye bags. *grin*

  • Knows how to ask to be lifted up. If left in his rocker alone, he can probably amuse himself. But as soon as he picks up your existence from the corner of his eye, he will immediately lift up his hands to ask to be picked up or even lift up his butt in protest if you show no attempt to lift him up. 
  • He also knows how to change hands from one person to another. If he is being dukung by the maid, you only have to offer him your two hands and he will immediately shift his body weight forward in a sign that he wants you to dukung him instead.
  • Also, I think we were wrong about him dah start kenal orang. Actually, he's quite adaptable to anyone. As long as the person makes him smile, he will readily accept that person holding him.

Mickey Mouse Ian trying out Umar's high tech rocker.
Still enjoys flexing those chubby thighs.
  • Has yet to show any signs of merajuk or terasa hati - but sometimes when I do get home late, he would refuse to give me a smile. I have yet to ascertain whether this is purely coincidental or not.

My crabby but cute baby.

And that brings us to the close of Ian's fifth month old journey. Happy six months old, baby!

Posing with Mummy for a selfie!


  1. Liz, nak pinjam Ian! hehe...mana aksi Ian dengan Aiden?

  2. Hehe sila sila pinjam! Aiden and Ian kurang beraksi sangat sebab Ian is not big enough to bergomol dengan abang dia. Tapi Aiden memang tak sabar sabar untuk adik dia besar and berjalan. Soon, will have more pictures of them insyaAllah.


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