Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Inherited Jumperoo

Remember Aiden's Jumperoo?

Well, the poor Jumperoo stayed in our attic for at least the past 3 years. It accumulated dust, waiting patiently to serve baby #2. We finally dragged it down a couple of months ago to lend to a fellow neighbour. Despite not taking the battery out for years, it was still working perfectly! There was only a small slight tear on the seat (barely noticeable) but my neighbour was nice enough to sew a new seat cover before she returned the Jumperoo to us. Other than that, the lights, sound and movement sensors were functioning like new!

Last week, we finally got around to assembling the Jumperoo for Ian. Similar as Aiden, Ian at six months is stable enough to hold his head up unassisted and is able sit steadily, perfect for the Jumperoo. If back during Aiden's days, the Jumperoo took up half of the living hall of our old house (it's a big piece of equipment), this time around we had more space. So the Jumperoo is still in front of the TV, but at least it wasn't blocking our view of the TV.

Honestly, Ian has invaded my living hall. There's currently the Jumperoo, his rocker, the mattress for his tummy time, his soft toys and of course, Aiden's toys! My previously modern uncluttered living hall now looks more like a nursery! *big sigh* Anything for my two boys! I now request at least an hour notice for visitors so that I can make the area a tad presentable. (Achieved by throwing everything in the guest room!) I digress.

I love this picture! Surprised face at being thrown into a foreign object.
First thing that caught his attention. I was quite impressed that he was able to turn the blue lizard around. Great fine motor skills, Ian!
Aiden insisted that I feature a picture of him posing with his paper aeroplanes. 
Intrigued at the lights and sound.
Confused as Mummy kept calling out to him to pose, when all he really wanted to do was explore.
And then... he saw it! Something he could teeth on!
Look at that engrossed face. He practically shoved the poor plastic butterfly into his mouth and started sucking happily. 
Happy baby. What's with the off shoulder pyjamas, sayang?
The previous seat cover was all red. The polkadot seat cover is new. Since this picture doesn't do justice to the chubbiness of his thighs, here's another picture.
Scrumptious drumsticks!

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