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Toning My Thighs at Jumpstreet Asia

Jumpstreet Asia - Malaysia's first trampoline park!

Yesterday marked the start of my 12 day end year break - something I definitely look forward to every December. However, staying home with the kids is an absolute challenge, because they are constantly asking for your attention. Which is completely bearable the first five hours, but after the sixth hour, I succumbed and dragged everyone (maid included) out for some jumping to release that pent up energy of theirs!

Jumpstreet Asia is Malaysia's first and Asia's biggest indoor trampoline park. It is located in a renovated warehouse in Petaling Jaya (just beside Jaya One), with an area of 37,000 sqft and has 8 attraction areas (pictures below). You actually have to drive through a factory entrance to get to location. Thank god for Waze!

I strongly advise you to book your slot online as only a maximum of 150 jumpers are allowed per session. I chose the 3pm slot because it only had a 40% occupancy (at time of booking). Off-peak hours are charged at RM20 per hour, toddlers to adult alike (RM25 for peak hours), and everyone jumping will have to purchase grip socks (RM4.50 each) which you can reuse during your next visit. I checked whether the maid and Ian would need tickets, but the very informative FAQ explained that they didn't need any as long as they did not enter the trampoline courts. However, kids under 3 jump for free so I could bring Ian on the trampoline if I wanted to. Hence, total damage for Aiden and me was RM49 via online booking. 

When we arrived, it was just starting to drizzle but thankfully I found parking in no time. However, parking slots are limited so I doubt I'll be as lucky next time around. Even though the website advised for us to arrive 15mins before our scheduled slot, due to the rain, we arrived on the dot at 3pm. Which was a pity because if we arrived early we could have checked in early and maximized our hour greatly.

The entrance.

Birds eye view. Picture taken from the Jump Cafe.

Since I had pre-purchased our slots online, I was able to bypass the walk-in queue. Showed them the barcode in the confirmation email, and I promptly received our jump passes and grip socks. However, I was told that even though I would be jumping with Ian in hand, he would still need his own grip socks so I topped up an additional RM4.50 for a pair of cute mini grip socks for Ian!

Thumbs up for the friendly staff behind the check-in counter.

Cool graffiti on the wall and even on the floor!

Lockers can be rented for a minimum of two hours (RM4, multiple open/close), up to a full day. There is also a Surau available.

You can also organize birthday parties here! Party packages available.

First stop, we warmed up at The Cage -  a jumping court strictly for kids. Aiden was raring to go so he raced ahead of me - jumping confidently like a pro! I was quite hesitant to jump at first, but the minute I took my first leap - I was hooked! It was super fun, and soon it had me jumping for joy (pun intended)! After a while, I realised that I was the only adult jumping in the kids court so I stopped myself from further embarrassment and exited the area quickly to hunt for my camera, so I could pretend that I was jumping with Aiden for pictures!

It took quite a bit of coaxing to get Aiden to stop and pose for pictures.

He wouldn't stop moving - hence the blurry pictures.

The width of The Cage.

After I was satisfied that Aiden was able to jump independently, I left him with the other kids (neighbours who joined us that day) and returned to my maid, who was refueling Ian with milk. Distracted with the sights and sounds around him, it took him quite a while to finish the bottle - but once he was done, he immediately wanted to get on his own two feet to explore.

Baby jumper - equipped with his own hand band jump pass and cute mini grip socks.

Aiyoooo... such cute socks!

My hair was still tame here. If you scroll further below, you will see the aftermath!

Next, we returned to The Cage. This time around, since I had Ian in hand, I jumped more confidently than ever because I could use Ian as my sorry excuse! People looking at me would think "Aaahhh... she's jumping in the kids court because she's holding a baby..." or "Ooooo... her jumping moves look weird because she has her baby in hand..." *grin

After a while, I could feel my arms and thighs getting sore. Why arms? Because holding a 10kg baby in one hand while jumping is no easy thing, okay! I read somewhere that jumping on the trampoline is 68% more efficient than jogging - so I persevered in the hopes of burning the calories from the nasi lemak I had that morning. That, and also because Ian was squealing and giggling away from all the jumping. Aaahhh the things mommies do to please their children!

How I jumped that day, with Ian in hand!

Note: The second time we visited Jumpstreet, at least two Jumpstreet referees stopped Hubby and I (separately) to remind us not to jump with Ian in hand, but rather to put Ian standing on the trampoline and lightly jump with him. Apparently jumping with a baby in hand is similar to the "shaken baby syndrome", where babies may sustain serious injuries if bounced vigorously. A baby's head is heavy in proportion to the body and isn't well supported by underdeveloped neck muscles, hence the action of the head whipping back and forth can cause the brain to rebound against the skull, resulting in... well stuff you don't want happening to your baby. Wonder why no one stopped us the first time around - but kudos to the Jumpstreet referees who took the time to stop and explain.

Next up - the High Performance court! Only those above 110cm height are allowed to enter, and thankfully Aiden met the mark. The High Performance court boasts of six Olympic spec trampolines, for that super oommpphh high jump. Only one jumper allowed per trampoline, so entry to this court is regulated - five minutes each session. End your session by jumping into the super big inflatable air bag - affectionately called as the Big Bag.

Check out that cool guy bouncing off the vertical wall.

Aiden and his friends waiting for their turn into the High Performance court.

More pictures of the rest of the attraction areas:

The main court - their biggest space of interconnected trampolines. You can ask for a ten-minute jumping crash course from any of the referees here.

Dodge ball. Doubt anyone was following the rules of the game here. More like hit and runnnnnnnnn!

The famous foam pit! Diving into these cushy soft foams cubes is fun, but trying to get out is completely the opposite!

In a blink of an eye, our hour was up and I dragged my painful thighs up the stairs to the Jump Cafe for a cup of their captivating coffee milkshake. They also serve breakfast (before 2pm) and an assortment of sandwiches and wraps. I assume food for the party packages are supplied from his cafe, because I saw a tray of scrumptious looking sandwiches making its way from here to the party room below.

They have desserts too, in case you want to regain all those calories you just lost. *grin*

A sweaty Aiden!

Aiden and I rocking our crazy bed hair! Note to self: next time - tie up your hair!!!

Last but not least, a picture of the whole family when we visited Jumpstreet the second time around!

Oh yeah, if you're planning to visit Jumpstreet with the kids, make sure they wear long and stretchable pants. Carpet burns erm, I mean friction burns from the trampoline are not fun for their knees, and mending holes in their pants are not fun for the mommies! Have fun!

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