Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Onitsuka for Daddy

This is a continuation of my last post.

After our very energetic workout at Jumpstreet Asia, our rumbling tummies begged for food and so I drove everyone to the nearest decent mall I could find - Tropicana City Mall. Aiden being the typical anak Melayu, wanted rice for our late lunch/early dinner so we headed to Papparich. Ian was fed too, he absolutely loved the roti bakar kaya - another anak Melayu in the making, perhaps?

As we were walking back to the parking lot, a shop caught my eye! From the corner of my eye, the shopaholic in me saw the signs "factory outlet" and "sale"! I was even more excited when I saw that the shop was selling authentic Onitsuka Tiger shoes at 30% off!

I knew that Hubby had been eyeing for Onitsuka shoes for the longest time, but he never took the plunge of buying it. Since I was in my shopaholic mood that day, I decided to surprise him with a pair. Just because!

There were so many colours with multiple choices of stripes to choose from. But with limited sizes, of course. In the end, we were down to green with yellow stripes or the famous white with blue and red stripes. Finally, we settled with white, and I told the shopkeeper that since this is a surprise present, we may have to come again to change sizes - in case the one I purchased didn't fit Hubby.

The one we chose.

The shortlisted choices.

Paying for the shoes, with Mummy's debit card!

Writing a card for Daddy.

After the purchase, we proceeded to our next shopping mall *true shopaholic* - One Utama. On the way there, I asked Aiden to call his Daddy to tell him about his surprise present. Imagine my surprise when he playfully told Aiden that he preferred the yellow or even the green??!! Uurrrggghhhh I hate it when he teases me this way, because it always makes me doubt my choice. So I called the shop again and told them to reserve the yellow (which was only available in size 11!), the green and also the white we originally bought, but in a different size. Called Hubby and told him to meet us at Tropicana directly after work. So much for a surprise, lah kan??!!

Free cotton candy at the One Utama main lobby.

Posing with the Energizer mascot.

Close to the promised time, I drove everyone back to Tropicana. Aiden asked me why we were heading back to the shop, so I explained that we were going to let Daddy choose the shoe that he wanted. To which he exclaimed emotionally, "But then it wouldn't be a surprise! Mummy!!!!" Erkkk... *sigh*

I didn't really know what to say so I tried to reassure him by saying that we were going back to the shop to choose three different shoe colours as a surprise for Daddy, then Daddy will choose which will fit his feet best. (That was the best excuse I could make up, off the top of my head.) He calmed down a bit, then exclaimed "But if Daddy gets there first before we choose the colours, then it wouldn't be a surprise anymore!" Erk... again. Clueless of what to do next, I asked him to pray so that we would arrive first:

Aiden: "Ya Allah... ermmmm Mummy how do I pray for us to arrive first?"
Me: "Just pray that Daddy will not get there before us."
Aiden: "Ya Allah... please make Daddy not arrive there before us." (Excuse his grammar!)
Me: *smile*
Aiden: "But the other day I prayed for Aunty Awien to come and sleepover at our house, but she didn't! Allah didn't listen to my prayers! So how?"
Me: *nervous laugh* "You have to pray hard Aiden. Really really hard."

And I really thought that was the end of the conversation. Until I overheard Aiden whispering silently to himself. I strained my ear... and guess what I heard?

Aiden: "Ya Allah... please please please, please make Daddy not arrive there before us. Please Allah... thank you."

Aaaaahhhh my heart sank for him. He really wanted this to be a surprise for his Daddy, and I totally ruined it. So I quickly called Hubby, told him about what I heard and instructed him not to enter the shop at any cost! Let Aiden arrive first, choose the colours then surprise Hubby. Moved with my story, he immediately agreed.

And in the end, my plan worked. Aiden brightened up when we walked into the shop and discovered that Daddy hadn't arrived. He yelled "Surprise!" when his Daddy walked in, and shoved all three shoe boxes and a card into Daddy's arms excitedly.

Hubby then teased me, "Wow, Sayang - all three colours for me?" To which I replied by giving him a dirty look!

Look at that excited grin!

In the end, despite the three choices we gave him, he still ended up with the white with blue and red stripes, the one we chose for him earlier, albeit in a different size. Soooo frustrating!

But... karma didn't disappoint that night, because Hubby was punished on the spot for making me doubt my choice and causing so much grief to Aiden. Ian peed on Hubby in the shop! It was hilarious!!! Serves him right! *cheeky smile*

Hubby, next time when someone wants to give you a surprise present, just say thank you and take it, okay? *grin*

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