Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Canizares Ball!

Boy oh boy… it was definitely a jam packed weekend. If Saturday was occupied with Aiden’s soccer match; on Sunday we were at the Maybank Malaysian Open for Aiden’s second love after football… golf!

Hubby wanted to give Aiden first-hand experience witnessing professional golfers playing. And, though a golf fan I am not, I completely agreed with the idea, largely because I remembered my first time at the CIMB Classic, watching Tiger Woods play back in 2012. It was just surreal. I never understood the excitement of golf, especially when watching it on the television. But standing on the course, watching the tournament live; hearing the hush just before Tiger Woods takes his shot, and the anticipation of seeing this tiny ball roll into a hole…. It was just indescribable.

We timed it just right. As we walked into the course, the second last and last flight was in the midst of their 18th and 17th hole respectively. After watching the second last flight (which included the winner, Anirban Lahiri) take the second shot, we decided to walk against the flow and walk to the start of the 18th hole so that Aiden could catch the last flight tee off.

Aiden's first live tee-off.

Selfie at the start of the 18th hole.

I had to keep reminding Aiden to stay absolutely quiet (and still!), which is a huge thing to ask for from a five year old. Pointed out to him how the marshals were waving the quiet board, and explained to him that it acts as a reminder for everyone to keep quiet so that the players could concentrate when taking the shot. Thank goodness Ian was fast asleep in Hubby's arms.

Alejandro Cañizares was one of the players in the last flight, and after everyone had teed off, we started walking to the next hole with the rest of the spectators. Suddenly, his caddy called out to us. He must have called out to us a couple of times, because by the time Hubby turned to look at him, he was just turning away. Good thing he saw us, because he then threw a signed ball to Aiden! The ball rolled on the green right up to Aiden's shoes and when Aiden picked it up, a few fellow spectators actually asked to see it. What a rare opportunity!

Aiden watching Cañizares taking his shot.

Our Prime Minister also joined us in the walk towards the end of the 18th hole. He was literally just a few meters away from us; I bet if Aiden was bold enough to walk up to him for a picture, he would have willingly obliged.

Can you see the Prime Minister in white pants?

The game marshals kept having to stop people from going too close to the VIP entourage.

In the end, Lahiri won first prize, while Cañizares (now Aiden's new hero) tied for number three.

Cañizares taking his last shot.

What a tiring weekend!

Proudly showing off his Cañizares ball - although you cannot see his initials from this angle.

On the way out, we stopped for a quick picture by the golf course when a man (another avid golfer) struck up a conversation with Aiden. Aiden proudly showed him the Cañizares ball, when suddenly a mat salleh lady marshal came up to us to admire the ball too. Then she handed Aiden her quiet board for him to keep! Wow, two very special and rare souvenirs - what a great experience for Aiden! (I think these golf tournaments do not really attract the younger generation, hence it was probably quite refreshing to see a small child genuinely happy and excited to be on the golf course.)

The younger generation!

Weisberger was at second placing.

Aiden posing with his signed ball and quiet board.

The overall placing board.

Aiden goes for golf lessons every week now. I'm not expecting my son to be the next Tiger Woods, but as a supportive Mummy, I will do all I can to entertain his interests. Even if it means waiting on him during his weekly classes or standing on the golf course cheering his heroes on.

Aiden and his coach.

At the driving range.

The budding golfer! Certainly takes after his Daddy!

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