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Trial Classes at Erika Peres Soccer and Baby Swim

Ever since Aiden graduated from Gymboree, we have not enrolled him in any other regular classes. I wanted him to take up piano, but after one trial class in Yamaha, we decided that we would wait for him to be a bit more mature so that he can ultimately make the decision about what musical instrument he wants to play. (My heart is saying piano, to continue my piano playing legacy; my head is saying violin since the instrument is small and does not take much space in the house; last but note least, Hubby is banking on guitar as apparently it makes Aiden appear more macho! Oh well, we have at least a few years before we need to decide; I started serious piano classes at Standard 2 anyway!) Then we tried him for Taekwando, but then he started imitating the sparring moves at home, so we never went back. Swimming was completely out of the question, because Aiden is super scared of the water, and not to forget, he already has swimming classes at school.

This year, Aiden turns six, and Hubby and I both agreed that it was time to start Aiden on some routine classes. Two things that Aiden is currently interested in are soccer and golf. He enjoys watching football with his daddy during weekends, and loves following him to the driving range too! Ian on the other hand, is such a water baby. Bearing all of these in mind, I found the perfect classes for both of them them!

Erika Peres organizes trial classes for both Baby Swim and Soccer so I signed Ian and Aiden up for these classes respectively. Three weekends ago, we sent the boys for their first class! I chose both classes for the same day, but since they were both held at different locations, it meant that we had to drive from one class to another. Aaaa... anything for our boys!

Ian in his swimming gear while Aiden was all decked out in his complete football jersey outfit, knee high socks included.

The kids pool at Tropicana Golf and Country club. We held Aiden's first birthday here! Aaahhh certainly brings back memories...

First up, was Baby Swim. This 30-minute class is meant for babies above 1 year old with a maximum of 12 babies per session. However, in my opinion the timing of the class (2pm) wasn't really a great time to be outdoors, especially with babies. Imagine sun-tanning with babies with the sun right smack over our heads! Needless to say, Ian wasn't particularly happy about having to swim in the scorching hot sun, especially during his nap time too! (He slept on our way there, and was very grumpy when we woke him up for the class.)

Only two babies for the class that week. Check out that grumpy face.

Finally, just a hint of a smile. Then just like that - he was back to being grumpy.

Meanwhile, Abang Aiden and Daddy were enjoying themselves in the shade with nasi goreng and all!

Coach Mahni teaching the babies how to blow bubbles in the water. Ian was quite a champ, he gave it a try but ended up swallowing water instead!

Ooohhh Ian hated this part of the class, where the coach poured water on his head while we went under the "London Bridge". But, it was still a great exercise because it was meant to help him get accustomed to water and build his water confidence to prepare him for submerging his face inside the water.

Playing push the ball with his companion.
Poor Ian came out of the pool looking at least two shades darker than before. There were also certain activities that needed Ian to be face up while I walk backwards (exposure to swimming the backstroke) that further irritated him because he had to look up to the sun. Poor boy was squinting his eyes the whole time!

Putting the weather factor aside (I have moved him to the 10am class now!), it was a good class, with the usage of plenty of props and toys to make the session more interesting. I just hope Ian will enjoy the next class!

Aiden posing at the Tropicana Golf Club lobby while waiting for Daddy to get the car. Anyone knows where I can get the letters Aiden reprinted on his jersey? All those tumbling in the washing machine made the letters fall off! (Number 5 to signify his age when he received this birthday present from his favourite Angah!)

Next, we drove to The Club in Bukit Utama for Aiden's soccer class. This is a one hour class held indoors in an Astro Turf court (hence the use of futsal shoes instead of soccer boots). Since this was his first exposure to soccer, I decided to enroll him in Level 2 (4-6 years old) even though he would have qualified for Level 3 (6-8 years old). We arrived early so we had the chance to catch a glimpse of the Level 1 class (2-4 years old), and it was so much fun watching the smaller toddlers running around with the ball. Oh, it was no easy feat trying to get everyone to listen because they kept running in all different directions! Aiden, on the other hand, wasn't amused and kept asking when his class was going to start.

Tired Ian fast asleep by the football court.

In the background, the coach with the Level 1 toddlers.

Super excited and super pumped up!

Finally, after nearly an hour of waiting, the coach called Aiden in. There were only 4 kids in his class, but even with only 4 kids they had two coaches for that session. They advertised the coaches as being Brazillian - I cannot confirm neither deny that (because I didn't ask!), but they were certainly not local. They spoke to the kids in English so there wasn't any language barrier for Aiden. I even overheard Aiden asking his coach to repeat his instructions! (Aiden had a prior experience of going to a class where the coach spoke in Malay, and because he didn't understand, he completely drifted off. No focus whatsoever!) I am definitely glad we decided to send Aiden to this trial class.

Warm up run. The more experienced kids were very fast on their feet!

The two coaches in action.

The coaches taking the time to teach Aiden how stop the ball with his foot.

Victory dance from Aiden!

Getting ready to kick the ball

Look at that cheeky boy. The coaches stood back to discuss the next practice round, and that boy took the opportunity to give a thumbs up sign to his brother! Focus Aiden, focus!

Give Ian any empty bottle, and he will happily play with it quietly.

Passing the ball to his team mate.

Finally, a chance to shoot the ball into the goal!

The verdict? Aiden had so much fun that we immediately signed Aiden up for more classes. It was a great session; both coaches were enthusiastic and they varied each practice round to expose the boys to various moves such as passing, stopping, kicking and even running on their toes!

Aiden has since established a countdown to his next class - that's how much he is looking forward to his soccer classes. There is even a match next week... yup a real match on a football field. Even the parents are excited! Time to find my cheerleading outfit pom-poms! *grin*


  1. Please have a proper swimming suit next time.

    1. That is actually a proper swimming attire. It is part of the Disney Baby swim line - beach trunks and rash guard. Here's the link in case you need to get it for your son:

  2. Oh wow, sorry to 'mencelah', but judgemental much, vaycay365? Good on ya Liz for showing peeps like this up.

    1. Awww.... thanks JH. It's okay - bersangka baik and maybe he/she really thought it wasn't a swimming suit kut? :)


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