Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ian's Circus Carnival Party Featured in Majalah Ibu dan Anak!

I was pleasantly surprised when Majalah Ibu dan Anak reached out to me via my official Facebook page. They wanted to feature Ian's circus carnival party for the Party of the Month section of their April 2015 edition! 

I am guilty of only publishing Part 1 of Ian's party, hence some pictures featured in the magazine have never been shared within this blog! As you can see, our family and my party crew were dressed in matching t-shirts, we had a clown shaped pinata and also a clown to entertain the crowd. And of course, we were blessed with Aiden's huge grin and Ian's signature expressionless face in every picture. *chuckles*

So if you see this magazine at your local bookstore, do grab one! If not for our feature, but maybe for the handsome outfits these boys are donning on the cover. Just check out that leather jacket, cool boots, sunglasses and their immaculate perfectly waxed hair styles! I once showed Aiden a picture of one of The Guerilla Kids and asked him whether he wanted to dress up like that, and he said yes! Oh, kids nowadays...

Thank you Majalah Ibu dan Anak for the opportunity! Grab the April 2015 Majalah Ibu dan Anak today!


  1. party yang menarik... i dah tengok dalam magazine..since i pon ngah plan tuk birthday party tuk anak.. :)

    1. Aty, thanks sebab sudi baca blog nie. Good luck for the party planning for your son! ;) BTW suka sangat tengok your house decoration!


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