Friday, March 20, 2015

Farewell Restoran Rose 911...

I last wrote about this place back in 2011...

Despite moving to house to Shah Alam and moving office to KL Sentral, every time I have a meeting scheduled in KL, I would make it a point to have lunch at Restoran Rose 911. This authentic masakan Nogori will never fail to impress; good food, efficient service and fabulous dessert!

I was very surprised when Hubby sent me a short article about how the restaurant was closing down for good. I never thought the day would come when I would have to bid adieu to my favourite ikan sardin goreng, tempoyak daun kayu and daging salai masak lemak.

Well, I have known Kak Ros since I was in my teens. Now that I am no longer muda remaja, dah anak dua dah pun; Kak Ros must be at the age where she wants to enjoy her grandchildren, not slaving in the kitchen for my scrumptious lunch hour! *grin* I'm just puzzled at why she hasn't taught her children the art of her trade so that she can pass down the business to them to continue her legacy. I guess maybe she is a perfectionist who needs to be in the kitchen to supervise and taste each and every one of her signature dishes? Because I have witnessed how she painstakingly makes the badak berendam with her own two hands for her customers. Well, whatever the reason is, I am certainly very sad that she is closing down her restaurant for good. *sigh*

Last week Hubby and I made it a point to visit her restaurant. Here are the pictures! Warning: pictures may make you salivate for food.

The dessert corner. Scrumptious badak berendam, lepat pisang and buah melaka (not in picture). I would usually have them all! 

We arrived before 12 that day... If you come after 1230pm, the restaurant would be jam packed with people!

Definitely a Negeri Sembilan restaurant. Look at all the lauk kuning! More than half of the dishes served were yellow in colour! 

Here's a close up. The different variants of masak lemak served that day were daging salai, rebung, ikan keli, ayam, ketam and even siput sedut. Not to forget, my favourite tempoyak daun kayu.

These were our picks for the day. Both of us had the crunchy ikan sardin goreng (see my previous post on how I raved about this fish). I had the daging salai masak lemak while Hubby had the tempoyak daun kayu. We shared the siput sedut masak lemak. Then we had badak berendam as dessert, and lepat pisang to go!

Dear fish, you will be sorely missed. *cries*

Restoran Rose 911's last day will be on 2nd of April. If you are craving for some Negeri Sembilan malay food, you have less than two weeks to try them out. Read Malay Mail's fabulous write up on the restaurant and their imminent closure, here.

By the way, Kak Rose has started a lunch box business to serve her good food. I doubt the lunch box can replicate the crunchiness of my favourite fish, but one can always wish for the best. *cries again*

Farewell Restoran Rose 911. I wish you luck in your future endeavors.


  1. Salam kak...

    Macam mana nak contact kak rose tu ye.
    Saya nak langgan lunch box dia.

    1. Wsalam... alamak saya takde phone number Kak Rose tuh tapi boleh cuba check her FB page. Sorry can't help much...


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