Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Month of Dust

Hello peeps!

Sorry for the two week hiatus. Things have been crazy since I started my new role; moving my stuff (two floors down), sifting through documents to decide on what to keep and what to shred, writing my farewell note and having intro calls with my new team around the region. (I'm responsible for the Asia Pacific region and China, hence have to connect virtually with the rest of the team sitting outside of KL.) Even in my first week, i was given work commitments that involved me dashing to KLCC twice (plus some side Pokemon Go time for me too).

On the home-front, things have been equally chaotic. Renovation is going full on and the only two rooms usable in the house are the master bedroom and Aiden's room (which my maid is residing in temporarily). Everywhere else is either full of stored furniture, or covered in dust. It has been a bit over a month and we are still not done with the wet works!!! Aaarrrggghhh. Well, not completely the contractor's fault cos we kept adding VOs (variation orders) - from changing the orientation of the back door to increasing the height of our garden walls. Hopefully this week they get to lay the tiles, plaster and erect the new folding door frame, so that I can get moving with the curtains measurement.

Shopping wise, my list is a mile long. Unfortunately the list isn't filled with handbags or shoes, but rather pretty boring stuff. Electrical items, new upholstery for the wing chairs, laminates for the TV panel, wood paneling for wainscoting etc etc. Not to forget, the to do list is equally long as well and I'm getting nowhere with trimming it down. Everything from engaging a contractor to polish our solid surface to the trivial stuff such as buying a new lock for the door. *pulls hair out*

Anyway, here's a first glimpse of our renovation progress throughout the entire month. It is currently approximately two weeks away from completion, which gives us about a week to scramble around and get the house cleaned and prepped for Hubby's sister's wedding (yes, we have a dateline!!), in which our house will be the family headquarters.

On the left, the first photo I took as soon as I got home from offshore. They had removed the grass to make a slab (for wood decking). Then they started working on the structures.

Casting of the new dining hall structure.

Putting in the wood trusses and roof.

Since the new dining hall will have a high ceiling, they had to cover up our first floor windows so they can start erecting the roof from the mid span of the said windows.

Wooden trusses inside our dining hall.

We decided to make our maid's room bigger too. And as a last minute after thought, moved the back door as well. So glad we made that decision - it now looks as if she has her own pretty little cottage! *giggle*

Our garden walls are higher too! Now we can no longer main pass pass Ian over the fence. *chuckles* He has to walk to school instead!

Cheeky Ian. He just found his love for jumping; every time I say "Cheese", he think's its a cue for him to jump!

The old dining hall (soon to be new family hall) wall was bricked up and cemented. The TV panel will be moved to this wall. In order to save some cash, we decided to DIY the TV panel refurbishment - wait for the blogpost!

We also stripped the walls clean. There goes my prized brick wallpaper. Out with the old, in with the new. We're going full on with wainscoting!

That's it for now. Pray hard that the schedule doesn't slip any further... if not we'll be in deep s**t. (Sorry for the profanities; it is 247 am and I am still feeling the after effects of my unsuccessful Ash Blue Duck Battle just two hours earlier. Hopefully my PS scores one for me later today!)

Looking forward to the long weekend. Have a good one, girls! *smiles*


  1. tak sabar nak tengok ur DIY tv panel..
    cannot wait!!

    1. Zie, the TV Panel post is up today! Hehehehe thanks for the support, as always ;)


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