Tuesday, November 8, 2016

One Off The Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list?

Well, honestly I don't. But a lot of people tell me, that having your face plastered all over Siakapkeli warrants a tick of the bucket list. *giggles* Remember the green screen interview I wrote about? Well, it is finally up on various social media platforms, but my personal favourite is the one where it went viral for Siakapkeli.

(Oh, how I wish the interview was held after the Samsung Note 7 launch and the entire saga of fire, explosions, and subsequent recalls. My iPhone teammate and I would have a field day poking fun at the Samsung team and their debacle!)

For Siakapkeli.

Thanks Siakapkeli - not exactly my most flattering closeup shots!

Business Insider did a short write-up as well. Here's the excerpt.

Anyway, before you go off and search for the YouTube video, I will have to warn you - take it with a pinch of salt please. For starters, they slashed a lot of materials to produce the final footage, so I think I sounded like I was merely agreeing with everything that my teammate said instead of pulling my own weight on the debate. Secondly, we were all asked to act over the top to make it viral worthy, hence forgive our OTT antics please.

Okay, next bucket list. Get myself on Beautifulnara.... *kidding*


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