Thursday, November 3, 2016

Birthday BBQ

After a whirlwind of celebrations for Hubby's birthday, we finally ended the festivities with one last BBQ night with our close friends. It also marked our first event at our newly sanctioned outdoor gazebo. Since it was a potluck gathering with a couple of equally crazy Le Creuset fans, I decided to turn it into a Le Creuset party! I requested for everyone to bring their goodies in their prized Le Creusets. Bless their sporting souls; absolutely everything arrived in Le Creuset cookware - cast iron, stoneware and even ceramics.

Officiating our new outdoor gazebo.


The men hard at work.

The women did their fair share too.

Raw seafood posing in their own Le Creuset.

We had a feast that night! I made Hubby's favourite beef lasagna. But since it was my first time making it in my LC stoneware yang besar gedabak, I underestimated the ingredients required. (Note to self, next time it needs two packets of minced beef and four canned tomatoes!) We also had mee goreng, grilled hot dogs and corn, marinated lamb, squid, fish and chicken, complete with air asam and sambal!

Everything on the table was Le Creuset, except for the cake stand.

My beef lasagna. My neighbour's mee goreng was served in the exact Le Creuset - we both bought it together at the Mitsui Outlet in Sepang.

My neighbour's famous air asam. Sticker LC pun tak bukak lagi! While the yellow cast iron Le Creuset in the background was my first LC, purchased dirt cheap in Houston. Around RM350 for a 5.5 quart Dutch Oven. Crazy murah!

Gang kuat makan.

One last pose before everyone started gobbling the food.

While the men ate, we tended to the barbecue pit.

Nampak sangat tipu cos we were all crammed in front of the pit!.

These two... kejap Ian taller than Dafiya. Now Dafiya pulak taller than Ian.

For the cake cutting ceremony, of course the kiddos jadi mangsa buli. Hubby forced them to sing the birthday song on repeat! But Ian was the happiest; now that he finally knows how to smile and also understands what a birthday means, he was the most excited of them all. Nowadays he would enthusiastically tiba-tiba sing the birthday song with his name in it. Macam tau tau jer his birthday is coming up at the end of the month! (And Mummy is back on party planning mode!!! *sigh*)

The kiddos surrounding the birthday boy.

Ian and his pursed lips, helping Daddy blow out the candles.

Happy 35th birthday Hubby. Love you to the moon and back! Cukup lah kan tiup lilin sampai empat kali? Now let's see how you top this... for my birthday! *good luck*


  1. canteknyaaa LC! teringin plak nak gi mitsui semata nak survey hehehee

    1. Hahaha bab shopping nie memang I sokong terus. Sometimes Mitsui has some pretty good deals, so good luck! ;)

  2. wow your backyard so cantik!!! LC (drooling)

    1. Awwww thank you for the compliments. My backyard and LC wishes you the same ;)


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