Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Farewell January

Anddddddd... it's the last day of January.

Like seriously, why is time passing by so quickly? I felt like just yesterday, I was pulling my hair out with our renovations. Then we were packing for our trip to Pangkor Laut Resort. And in a blink of an eye, I'm pulling my hair, packing for a different trip altogether!

The boys are growing up fast too. Aiden is very brotherly, and he takes it to heart whenever Ian refuses to say "I love you" to him. Since he's such an 'abang-abang', I always have to remember to manjakan him as well, especially if I cuddle or kiss Ian in front of him. He enjoys the attention, but obviously refuses to acknowledge. Lagak macam dah besar. His Malay is Alhamdulillah, getting better. He speaks to my helper in Malay now, so that's a good sign. He's very independent too; when we are out, he takes care of his brother diligently, I can depend on him to request for a plate or tissues at a busy restaurant and he can even queue up and buy his own food/drinks.

Aiden and Ian went Koi shopping!

Aiden's warming up to the idea of sleeping with Ian in their own room, especially since we painstakingly went to three shopping malls yesterday to find a Star Wars bed sheet and comforter set for his room. His Star Wars bed lamps and pillows have also arrived, but I'm itching for a small matching rug to complete the whole look. Unfortunately, we watched Train to Busan after dinner last night, and the boys got so spooked that they requested to sleep with us on our bed. *sigh* Now that's going to take quite a few days to wear off. Note to self: no more scary movies for us!

Aiden and Ian's first bumper car ride, at our second (out of 3) shopping malls yesterday. Ian was laughing gleefully during the ride, while Aiden couldn't stop talking about his driving skills, afterwards! *chuckles*

Ian on the other hand, dah banyak cakap! He still jumps every time we get to the end of an escalator ride (while holding our hand, of course). As always, I am amazed at his accuracy and distance. His strings of words are getting longer. Loves going to the shopping mall; despite complaining "I'm tired", he offered, "Drink susu, bom bom, at ToysRUs?" *chucklesSanggup nak rest sambil minum susu in ToysRUs as long as we don't go home!

Bed hair versus combed hair.

Work wise, I will be travelling next week and only back in KL the last week of February. One of my destinations is Singapore, so I am taking advantage by bringing the kids (and helper) to Sentosa Island. Kalau tak, rindu woooo tak jumpa the kids for over 2 weeks. With that being said, I apologize in advance for any hiatus in blog posts!

Welcome February!


  1. happy traveling liz, i know u was in india, tak sabar ur next entry about Taj Mahal..

    1. Hahaha tak sempat sempat lagi nak cerita pasal Taj Mahal :(


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