Thursday, January 26, 2017

Turning 34 at Marini's on 57

Catching up on my blogposts before I start getting swamped with work! #ceritabasi

So here's the third (and hopefully final) part of my birthday celebration recap. Similar to Hubby's birthday celebration, we decided to leave the kids at home for a special dinner for two. Since Hubby refused to provide any clues for the dinner destination, I decided to Uber to KLCC so that he can then pick me up from his office and chauffeur me to dinner.

It turned out that he didn't need to chauffeur me anywhere! He had pre-arranged for a beautiful table by the window at Marini's at 57 (incidentally just one floor above Hubby's Nobu dinner celebration). It was my first time at Marini's 57, and although the floor to ceiling windows and mesmerizing view of KL cityscape beneath your feet was enough to take anyone's breath away, I was even more enchanted by the fact that there was a bouquet of flowers and a gorgeous orange paper bag right beside our table. Sweet Hubby actually took the time to scout the place and personalize our table before my arrival! #ohsoromantic

(No wonder the ground staff greeted us by name as he was ushering us into the elevator!)

The view from his eyes.

Helpful menu reading gadget, so you can clearly see the price of each meal you order. *giggles*

Our cosy seats by the window.

Hubby further charmed me by telling me to order absolutely anything on the menu (apparently there was minimum spending price for our seats???) but I literally balked at the price of the Wagyu beef steak that he suggested. Thanks for the suggestion Hubby, but Wagyu tak Wagyu, I would never dream of spending so much on a piece of meat that would be purged out of my body the next day anyway. #okaytoomuchinformation *giggles*

Assorted bread, crackers and cheese to start.

Our starter course for the night; "Capesante" (RM188) - pan seared Hokkaido scallop with parsnip purée and shaved truffle.

For mains, we decided to share a course of beef and also pasta. My favourite out of the two was the “Capellini All’aragosta” (RM188) – al dente angel hair pasta, cooked in light tomato sauce with fresh chunky Maine lobster tail on the side. It was exquisite!

Don't be fooled by the simple presentation. It was sooooo good!

Our second course for the night; 'Filetto Di Manzo' (RM189 for marbling score 3 and above, or you can always choose Wagyu marbling score 8 with a higher price tag). 

Roasted 180gm beef black Angus tenderloin served with baby carrots, bone marrow and caramelized onions. We had a fun time clawing our way through the bone marrow! 

Service was attentive and polite, yet not overly intrusive. Amazing ambience and such a romantic setting. I'm so glad Hubby brought me here!

And just when we thought that it was time for dessert, this complimentary massive white cloud arrived at our table. Imagine, eating clouds on the 57th floor! (Ok fine, it was just good ol' cotton candy!)

Bigger than the size of my face!

While waiting for our dessert, it was time to read my birthday card. Hubby even got the kids to record a birthday wish on his phone too!

Hubby explained excitedly that he explicitly requested for the flower wrapper to be orange to match the orange box! #iamimpressed

What's in the box? #nottelling :P

Fondente Al Cioccolato (RM48) - 70% Valrhona chocolate fondant served with vanilla gelato. A fancy name for what we typically call a chocolate lava cake.

Because we took so many pictures, the vanilla gelato actually slid off the warm cake! The waiter graciously gave us another scoop, on the house. 

The conclusion to our dinner - the Marini's 57 Chocolate Box. The waiter opened the box and we were allowed to choose pralines and chocolates to our heart's desire.  

After dinner, we took a stroll at their open-air outdoor sky bar. The view was unforgettable, simply because the bar was right smack beside the KLCC twin towers! Breathtaking, stunning views which you can't get, even from Nobu. We were so impossibly close that we could even see the tower design details close up. We definitely saw a different unique perspective of the towers that night.

Such an iconic experience!

Best photo we could get with the Twin Towers in the background. Must do this again in daylight!

Couple the view, with excellent service and awesome food, I would definitely recommend a visit. Thank you Hubby, for the incredible night out. You definitely took my birthday celebration to a different level this year!

Last photo of the night.


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