Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Last night was one of the most terrifying nights of my life. 

I am currently in Singapore with the kids and the maid. For a business trip, and also for Beauty and the Beast (that deserves a special blogpost altogether). Hubby stayed home as he had to work. 

As soon as we arrived in Singapore, Ian started developing a fever. My maid had packed paracetamol syrup but no suppository medication so we gave him the syrup to keep the fever down. His fever persisted that night and continued through yesterday morning till the afternoon. While I was at work, the maid kept his fever down by sponging plus paracetamol syrup. Right after work, I decided to bring everyone out for dinner and at the same time, visit a pharmacy to get a stronger medication such as suppository Voren. 

Ian was still having a fever then but he was active as usual. He didn't want to walk so my maid carried him while I went to the pharmacy. To my surprise, Singapore doesn't allow Voren/Voltaren to be sold over the pharmacy counter without a prescription. So I was left with either a suppository paracetamol or oral ibuprofen. Since I needed something that would give him a quick relief, especially for the impending night, I decided to take the suppository. It was only two hours after the paracetamol syrup but since he was still feverish I decided to give him the supp anyway. Right after the supp we went to Swensens to have dinner.

As we were looking at the menu to order, Ian looked slightly drowsy so I laid him down on my lap. He didn't feel so hot anymore. Suddenly he jerked, and started whimpering. I started panicking. I calmed him down and placed my palm on his chest. I felt his heart hammering away very fast. My maternal instincts were giving me warning signals. I watched him closely. He looked sleepy and he started to close his eyes and then he jerked again. I called out to him to keep him awake and he started whimpering. I knew something was really wrong. The only thought in my head was that I had overdosed him on paracetamol. 

Packed our things and left the restaurant (nasib baik tak order makan lagi). Ran to the information counter to ask for the nearest clinic. None on Orchard Road was open at that hour. Closest option was the hospital. Which would obviously cost a bomb with our horrible currency. Weighed my options. Ian cried and said "Ian shakit". I asked where and he pointed to his heart. I freaked out. Called a doctor friend and told her the dosage I had given. She comforted me by saying that I hadn't overdosed him. But that she was worried about the jerking and advised me to head to the hospital as she was worried that he probably had a fit. I remember thinking to myself, "Why would he have a fit, he's not that hot!" 

Called a cab and headed to the nearest hospital - Mount Elizabeth. Called Hubby on the way but because I was too panicky, I couldn't explain what happened properly. Hung up the phone in haste. Arrived at emergency and they took his temperature and measured his heart rate. His heart rate was so high, the alarm started beeping! And can you believe that his temperature was 40.5! I don't know why he didn't feel like 40.5 degrees! I felt so angry at myself. I felt like such a horrible mother!!! My son was having a 40.5 degree fever and I wanted to have dinner at Swensens???

Trying to coax Ian to eat by offering him macarons, while Aiden goofed around with his toy stethoscope.

I felt so lonely then. Without Hubby by my side and alone di negara orang without any support system. Tak kenal anyone other than my work colleagues which I would rather not call unless it's a serious life and death emergency. 

Anyway to cut a long story short, the doctor said that I did give him too much paracetamol but because it was just one episode he wasn't that worried. The fit was probably because of the fever but since it was very short and as long as it didn't last longer than ten minutes, no rolling eyes backwards and stuff like that, then there was nothing to be worried about. The influenza test came back negative as well. He gave supp Voren and advised us to stay away from Paracetamol for at least 12 hours to purge his system off the 'extra' dose. After about two hours in the hospital, he allowed us to go home. Ian also looked like his old self, happily playing with Aiden. And finally, I was able to smile again.

Ian smiling again, two hours after the dramatic hospital entrance. Hospital concierge provided a care package for the kids - a toy stethoscope and a body anatomy matching card game! 

I told my maid the hospital bill was about the same price as her flight ticket back home for Raya this year. She smiled sheepishly. Anyway, it's not her fault. I should have reminded her to pack the complete set of medication. Expensive lesson learnt. Always bring supp Voren and a thermometer when traveling.

I thought Prince Court was nice, but Mount Elizabeth was way nicer! Friendly staff, amazing amenities and the entire hospital smelt so good!

Last picture before we headed back to the hotel.


  1. kita pun rasa the longest 5 minutes ever..

    Jadi masa puasa 2015. My son, Anas masa tu 2 years old on and off demam dia dah dua hari.. So, after berbuka, badan memang panas gile.. And lemah je.. So, asked my husband to bring Anas to klinik again..

    Then, at the clinic, husband called to inform anas kena refer to hospital.. Hati dah tak sedap.. So, prepare la apa yang patut and get ready semua bebaju.. Confirm kena admit ni..

    I was in the kitchen preparing things to go to the specialist when my husband menjerit my name dari luar lepas balik dari klinik.. Ah sudah.. Memang kaki dah ketar gila.. Tak tergerak dari sinki nak ke depan.. Tapi usaha gak lari ke depan and just dengar my husband keep on calling Anas and asked me to ambil air..

    Nasib Ada my sister.. Masa tu memang rasa Lembik.. Panic.. Tengok Anas lembik selembik nya.. I couldn't look at him but quickly ran to the kitchen nak ambil air.. Isi air dalam jug and passed to my sister and cepat2 kaut segala susu, botol, air humban dalam beg..

    What I know, I just keep saying, dah jom Cepat gi spital.. That time, my husband and my sister were trying to sedarkan Anas.. Anas was having his first fit/seizures..

    Gile.. I was such a hopeless mum.. Terkedu sangat.. Didnt dare to hold him at all.. Was running upstairs downstairs looking for a thing that I dont know what i'm looking for..

    Only after 5 minutes later when semua dah calm, Anas dah macam sedar, barulah I can hold him tight and pujuk dia.. Dengan badan panas macam apa.. And anas cant barely open his eyes pun..

    All this while, dengar or read others experience when their kids had seizure.. Bila jadi Kat diri sendiri, perasaan dia allah je tahu..

    rasa memang horrible sangat.. ingat anak boleh bertahan.. rupanya dah lemah pun..

    1. Thanks for sharing. Alhamdulillah Anas dah ok. I baca pun dah rasa berdebar.

      I pun sampai sekarang masih teringat perasaan like a horrible mother, including menyesal. And running around Orchard Road, dunno what to do. I don't ever want to go through that again.

  2. oh no! Liz kalau i jadi u pun do not know what to do, lagi2 kat negara org, ALONE!
    happy ian smile again..

    1. Tuh la, syukur nothing serious happened! Alhamdulillah...

  3. salam

    nak share, kalau travel ke luar Negara, sila beli health care insurance for travelling.
    Ni ada kejadian sedih. Ada hamba Allah ni pergi traveling ke Negara barat. utk pameran hasil kerja tangannya. dijemput.programme tu utk beberapa hari, tapi arwah duduk sampai sebulan nak melawat katanya.

    kdian lepas pameran, dia terkena serangan jantung. Insurance takde. Hospital kerajaan tak nak terima. Masuk prebet hospital. Mereka only progress nak operate dia tapi tunggu duit aja. lepas operation kena mrsa. dari sedar terus koma. utk tindakan rawatan selanjutnya hospital tunggu duit. masa tu dari boleh hidup terus koma terus. genap sejuta rm msia terus mereka tak nak buat apa apa selagi duit bayaran tak masuk. ahli keluarga kena decide matikan system bantuan dan kena minta kerabat bayar.

    so itu nasib ada kerabat yg bertahta dan berduit boleh bail and body released. yg org kebanyakan... mahu go fund me la..

    so kalau nak travel abroad, utk diri dan anak dan keluarga, pastikan beli health insurance for traveller. At least they pay the basic requirement and body repatriation ok. cost of few seats of kena baring..
    So didalam keghairahan rakyat msia berjalan, kenalah plan benda benda yg sakit pening emergency di tempat orang.



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