Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Random Thoughts While Cramming for Aiden's Exams

I've said this once and I'll say it again - I think the standard of public education in Malaysia is tough on kids. It is hard enough that Aiden's Bahasa Malaysia literacy is still below par, but what is it about giving crazy Mathematic sums to an 8-year old??? Does Malaysia really think that by making the syllabus harder, we will produce cleverer kids?

Anyway, Aiden is having his last day of exams tomorrow. His last paper is Pendidikan Islam, and I am not proud to admit that I usually leave the coaching of that subject for Hubby. (Hey, this mother has bent over backwards for the core subjects i.e. Malay, English, Maths and Science!) So for today, I can breath normally - hence why I am blogging at this hour.

I'd just like to share some random thoughts that came to mind while I was teaching Aiden for his core subjects:

  • For BM: What's with the diftong, digraf and such? I don't remember learning it during school! I actually had to google what it meant... and if one had to google it, it meant that one never had to use it when one was older!
  • For BM: Muram, simpati, mendung, bangkit, muara, rumpai,sulam, cuai, nyiur, maklumat, skital,segak, lekuk, sajian, perpaduan. Here are some of the words in his Tahun 2 workbook... bombastic enough for Aiden to leave him absolutely clueless. *sigh*
  • For Science: What's the benefit of having to remember which jari is used for typing which alphabet on the keyboard? I am a single finger typer, and proud of it! My typing skills and speed can rival most conventional keyboard loving folks too!
  • For Maths: I don't remember doing these complicated sums when I was 8. Probably when I was 10. I'll give you an example: A sold 1 bag. B sold 2 bags more than A. C sold 3 bags more than B. Okay, you must be thinking... the question is probably, how many bags did C sell? No! The question was, what is the difference of bags sold between A and C! Oh, replace the numbers with ratus numbers, and replace the English words to Malay. That was the question. #ipulledmyhairsohardthatnight
  • For Maths: I see darab coming up!!! Didn't we do this when we were in Standard 4 or something??? OMG OMG OMG #pullshairevenharder
  • For English... Hmmm... I actually have no qualms with English. Probably because it is too easy for Aiden's level. That is the problem with coming out of an English medium kindergarten. It simply doesn't correspond to the level of English syllabus at Sekolah Kebangsaan! The latter is super easy if compared to his kindy classmates who has moved on to international school.
Anyway, as a reward for completing his exams, I decided to allow Aiden to inherit my Enid Blyton books. Rummaged through my bookshelves, and guess what I found???

This book is 25 years old! *chuckles* I am such a hoarder!

P.S: Since I'm reminiscing about childhood memories, who else is frustrated about the Beauty and the Beast ban in Malaysia? I am so frustrated, that I am contemplating watching it in Singapore with the kids, since I will be there again for a business trip next week. *sigh* Disney and the Malaysia censorship board... please come to your senses!


  1. It's Umar's first half term here and im thanking my lucky stars they only do assessment on core subjects. He can construct jumbled sentences in bm without ustanding the meaning 😂. But i think the maths n science standards here is actually lower than the international std coz he already memorized most of the timetables and had started on division when we left

    1. Unfortunately for Aiden, in Sekolah Kebangsaan they have assessments for all subjects and it is made worse by the high level of Malay that they use in school. I think they assumed that all the kids are fluent in Malay or something. A Maths Band 5 problem written in Malay is simply hard for kids who haven't mastered the language. Good that Umar is adjusting well ;)

  2. Awwwww I have tonnes of Enid Blyton's books too and my daughter is reading them now. Feels surreal if you ask me! :)

    1. Haha, the books must be at least 20 years old jugak kan? :)

  3. Kak Liz tak ada enroll Aiden to any tution classes, sekolah agama or kumon etc? Just daily home coaching him or bila dah dekat2 nak school exam ? What is your opinion kak, should we burden our children with extra classes or is it will benefit them ?

    1. Unfortunately I think with our current education system which is so exam oriented, then yes the children will benefit from extra classes. *sigh* I heard once they go into Standard 4, lagi susah! Aiden goes to tuition class for BM and Maths. The rest, I la jadi cikgu tuition. Hehehe


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