Friday, June 2, 2017

An Empty Nest

If you watched my Insta-stories last night, you probably understand why I'm feeling lonely.

My two boys decided that they were going to do a sleepover at their grandparents' house. Aiden, I'm not surprised. Occasionally we would allow him to sleepover, provided that it's not a school night. Ian on the other hand, NEVER wants to sleep away from home. Even when Hubby and I were away for our 10th Anniversary Europe trip, Ian would only sleep at my in-laws' when accompanied by my helper.

But this time around, it was different! When Aiden requested to go to my in-laws', I told him he could go after he was done with his public speaking, tuition and mengaji classes. Hence we packed his bag and made plans for my SIL to pick him up last night. However, as soon as Aiden said goodbye to Ian, he insisted on following too!

I was soooooo not ready for it. We tried to pujuk him, but he insisted. He wanted "to make karipap" at his grandparents' house. I asked him whether he wanted to sleep with me (he's always asking to sleep with me ever since we moved them to their own room) but surprisingly he said no. I even claimed that we were going to sleep at a hotel, but he did not sway one single bit. In the end we played dirty by telling him that he needed to pack his clothes so my helper brought him into the house while I waved my SILs goodbye. (He exclaimed "Wait for me!" before disappearing into the house.)

He came out with a handful of clothes that he had actually handpicked himself (according to my maid). Upon discovering that they had left him behind, he got extremely upset. And I mean extremely! I've never seen him cry in sadness before, so it was quite unnerving to see him wail pitifully that way. In the end I relented and called my SILs to pusing balik and pick him up. As soon as they arrived, he face lighted up and he started packing his toys in a bag. He even stuffed in some drawings that he had drawn earlier and said, "Later Datuk want to see!" *sigh*

I don't think Datuk wants to see those scribbles of yours, Ian!

Cucu tauke karipap, hard at work! *chuckles*

Ian and friends, at his first unaccompanied sleepover.

So he's having the time of his life, but I on the other hand, am feeling so lonely at home. There is this horrid physical ache in my heart that can only be cured by watching videos of the boys on my phone. The house is so quiet without them fighting, shouting or climbing on each other! Even my helper is sad... She actually asked for me to bring Ian home today. (Dia jaga Ian since he was born, so she has quite the bond with him.) For the first time, Hubby and I buka puasa berdua jer. We actually ended up talking about the kids during dinner! Balik from terawih pun, senyap jer rumah... So hollow and empty. Tidur pun awal, since we didn't have to wait for the kids to sleep before we tiptoed into our room.

I've made up my mind, I'm taking my kids home tomorrow. I miss them tremendously. This empty nest business is no fun.

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