Tuesday, June 6, 2017

One Week Down!

In just a blink of an eye, we're done with a week of Ramadhan. One week down, three to go!

It is pretty quiet in the office. Surprisingly, I am not swamped with work, which is great because that means I can join my colleagues for their lunch escapades; visiting bazaars at various shopping malls, cuci mata with all the pretty baju raya, accessories, tudung, shoes yada yada. OMG but it's not easy to tahan nafsu! I kept telling myself not to shop, especially since my flight out for my business trip will be on the 3rd day of Eid. I managed to convince Hubby to make it a family trip so InsyaAllah it will be Ian's first trip to Disneyland. (We literally bought tickets just five days ago. If I have to spend Eid away from the family, I might as well bring them along!) But that also means that by the time we come home it will be the third week of Syawal. Nak buat ape baju raya banyak banyak??!! 

Anyway, how was your weekend? I spent Saturday buying Ducks (not the literal kind) in the morning, and in the afternoon we headed for KL for our first iftar buffet. We had a good time at Grand Hyatt KL; food was good especially since they had a pasta station which was a major game changer for Aiden (he turned down Impiana Hotel's durians in favour of Grand Hyatt's pasta). His favourite? Carbonara.

Grand Hyatt!

But in all honestly, our tummies are no longer programmed to have that much food in one sitting. When we first started eating, I was so confident that I could sample everything. Wrong. I was stuffed just after two rounds. On the third round I started with desserts, but itu pun dah macam nak muntah because I was so full. Then it occurred to me that I hadn't tried their famous nasi ayam, so Hubby and I made a pact to share it. I think we managed like two small bites? *sigh* Reminder to self, next year don't splurge unnecessarily on Ramadhan buffets.

Sunday morning rolled in, and we spent it by having a Raya photo shoot! It was a blessing in disguise that I decided that my store-bought kurung would be my official outfit for Eid, hence we were all dressed up in coordinated colours during the session. Kalau nak tunggu baju from tailor, confirm at least two more weeks baru siap. We got such great photos during the photo shoot - Aiden was understandably, already a pro at posing... but Ian surprised us all but cooperating too! Nanti gambar ready, I'll share, okay!

We allocated the afternoon for research on our impending trip to Europe. Finally booked hotels, trains and tickets to Disneyland, so the tough part of the journey is done. Need to start packing though, my helper is leaving in less than a week so my aim is to be done with both Raya packing and Europe packing before she leaves.

Disneyland, here we come!

Yesterday during lunch, I managed to visit Seloka Raya at Publika. Rambang mata! Since I can't buy, I'm sharing my top picks so we can salivate together *giggles*

I'm quite into batik but I just can't handle the price!!!

Love this kebaya flair paired with a batik kain. I especially like the red top contrast with the turquoise kain.

Mokara top, modern butang baju Melayu, and I've been eyeing the Naelofar sejadah for a few weeks now. Ah dugaan...

Till my next post! Ciao! *smiles*


  1. Disneyland!! We took the half board meal plans last summer. Very convenient babe.

    1. Unfortunately prices have shot up significantly since our previous experience in Disneyland California a few years ago. This time we're not staying at a Disneyland hotel *sob*sob* We booked a serviced apartment so Mummy la kena 'masak' for the kids. Wish me luck!


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