Thursday, September 28, 2017


I was in Jakarta for a day trip just last week, and I went batik shopping at the airport!

It was just a day trip for an important meeting, and with all the macet in Jakarta, there wasn't much I could explore in a day. I effectively took the morning flight in, battled the traffic into the city in time for lunch, had my meeting and then rushed back to the airport to catch the last flight out.

Traffic in Jakarta, and the only Shell station I saw during my short day trip.

I was hoping to be able to catch the earlier flight out but I missed it by like 15 mins. Blessing in disguise because then it turned out that I had an hour to spare. Walked around hoping to do some window shopping. The only reason why I stepped foot into the shop was the fact that it sold batik.

Why batik? During my meeting earlier, all of the locals (even the ladies) were wearing batik! With the men it was easy enough to just slip on a piece of batik shirt. But one of the ladies actually had a batik top with laces and all, and a slightly low cut modern collar, and she paired it with a very simple long skirt. Such a classy look! I was impressed at how the Indonesians valued batik as part of their everyday wear. Back home, we only wear batik for formal occasions!

Anyway, I walked into the shop and found some adorable kids batik tops going for about RM50 per piece. I've never seen a child batik top anywhere in Malaysia. I remember we had to get one custom made for Aiden years ago. In the end, I bought matching ones for the kids, one for Hubby and of course, one lovely one for myself. Although hubby said the batik pattern of my chosen batik top was slightly old school, I loveddddd the modern collar and cut. Interesting mix of an oldies print with a modern twist.

These are the child batik tops. They even have matching one for girls!

Anyway, thought I'll share with you my loot. All in a span of one hour. Told you, put me anywhere and I can still find something to buy! Such is the life of a shopaholic. *giggles*

The men range - they came in slim fit options too!

Hubby wanted the one on the extreme left, but they didn't have matching ones for Aiden and Ian (no size), hence I had to choose another blue batik in a similar blue hue for the kids.

Matching for men and woman. Hubby still preferred his initial choice so I didn't get the woman top.

The top that I finally chose. Old school batik print, but I love the quirky collar.

Now it's just a matter of searching for the right occasion to wear it then!

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