Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Burger & Lobster, Sky Avenue Genting

I haven't been to Genting for two years! Two whole years! Whilst in the car on our drive up, I googled my last entry on our trip to Genting (read it here) and chuckled at the memories. Ian was such a baby and Aiden was very much a vain boy. *giggles*

On our way up, we had the shock of our lives... the car in front of us skidded, went spinning into the slow lane and slammed sideways into the hard divider. It had rained earlier hence the roads were slightly wet. But everyone was going slow and being extra careful. In fact, the car that skidded and our car were actually at the same speed. A few seconds earlier and it could have very well been us! *shudders*

Anyway, we arrived safely at the Awana Sky Station where GPO is. I won't get into much details about GPO but I was quite disappointed that they didn't have many big brands (Ferragamo, Gucci, Burberry, Polo Kids, Hackett) hence I walked out empty handed. We then took the cable car up to the top. There was a big crowd of Chinese tourists queuing and it literally blocked the entrance to the ticketing kiosk. Lesson learnt; if this happens, use the priority lane to skip the tour queue.

Genting has changed so much since the last time we visited. We were amazed at the new look... so modern and high tech. Such a far cry from the dark and bleak indoor arena with the winding escalators. Our first (and only) destination? Burger and Lobster, of course!

We were shocked at the longggg queue outside B&L. But because I was so adamant that I wanted that for dinner, I persevered. No reservations allowed! Queued up for one hour, I kid you not.

Second lesson for the day. Make sure you bring your Genting Rewards card. Physical card ok. Snapshots of card number etc not accepted. Why? Because they had a different published price for Genting members. Silly me didn't bring mine, hence we had to pay full price.

Similar to the original restaurant in London, the menu is pretty much a single pager so don't expect a cushy big fat menu with lots to choose from. Here's a photo of Ian posing with the prices:

The cheaper prices are for Genting cardholders. 

We ordered the original lobster roll, the original wild life lobster, and durian tempura as dessert. Everything was sooooo good! (Still drooling over the lobsters as I'm typing this.)

Our meal for the night.

Everything came with their signature buttery sauce.

The original lobster roll was packed with lobster meat. Juicy, chunky, tender and fresh lobster meat, mixed with Japanese sauce and squeezed in between a brioche. Effectively a lobster toastie! However since it was the most expensive meal out of our ordered three, I was not impressed by the size. It was a pretty pathetic meal to share. Aiden walloped half in barely three minutes. (While saying "sooo good, sooo good" after every bite - that boy has got expensive taste! *chuckles*)

Original lobster roll, RM153. Check out the size of the roll relative to my hand.

As for the wild life lobster, the table next to ours had The Big Boys, so naturally Aiden wanted the same. We balked at the price; RM400 per kg and the smallest lobster they had was ~1.9kg. Sorry Aiden! *giggles* So we settled with our own lobster, which in fact was a pretty good size already for two. Again, we stuck with the original instead of the chili option. (There's always Fatty Crab in case you're craving for chili!) Sooooo good! We chose the grilled version and took our time savoring every bite.

My half of the lobster. I certainly took my time with this.

The Original wild life lobster, RM168..

The size of the pinchers!

For dessert we chose to have durian tempura. This is really an underrated menu at B&L. The tempura was hot and crunchy, but when you bite in, a healthy dose of creamy durian filling comes oozing out. It felt like I had just died and gone to durian heaven.

Durian Tempura, RM25. Definitely a must try!

Given that they didn't have much choices for non-alcoholic drinks, we ordered a milkshake and a mocktail. Laughed our head off when our mocktail arrived as teh o'ais limau ikat tepi.

Verdict? Definitely an enjoyable dinner, despite the slightly atas prices. Would definitely come back for the durian tempura! But probably not for dinner. Perhaps weekday lunch, just to escape the queue? *still massaging my painful calves*

Thanks B&L for the awesome lobster experience!
Burger & Lobster, Genting

SkyAvenue Level 1 69000 Genting Highlands
T: +60 3 61059186
E: info@burgerandlobster-my.com
No reservations allowed. Walk in only.


  1. durian tempura no need to go there.. keluar je entrance sky way tu, ada small shop yg jual durian tempora RM10 for 3... so good... and outside hot and crunchy and inside melt okey...

    1. Waaaaaahhh good tip! Will definitely give it a try. :)

  2. hi ma'am.. somehow i felt compelled to comment on this entry.. coz when u said u havent been to genting for '2 whole years'.. the last time i was up there was when i was 4 .. haha.

    1. Hahaha time to make a long overdue trip to Genting then!

  3. kat London burger tak leh makan, so stick to lobster itself. Make sure kopek the flat tail and tenctacles at the head. Banyak isi.

    Also get the stim one so flesh tender and juicy and tak kecut.

    And food for thought in London punya burger and etc tak leh makan only lobster... and no durian goreng.

    1. Lobster is always good, no matter how they are cooked. And yes, durian goreng for the win!

  4. teh o'ais limau ikat tepi tu rare hahaa

    1. Hahahaha Hubby pun comment, kenapelah kita bayar mahal sangat untuk minum teh o'ais limau ikat tepi, but to be fair, the portion dalam plastic tuh was banyak! Hence Hubby and I share berdua. And honestly, takde air lain pun yang menarik other than milk shake huhu.

  5. hmmm interesting! can take the kids up there one of these days..! :)

    1. Yes you should, babe! Menarik betul Genting nowadays. It has significantly changed over the past few years :)

  6. I baru makan hari tu. patty dia besar and super juicy. Tapi I jadi muak sebab kenyang sangat

    1. Oooo I tak try pulak the lobster burger. Muak eh? Thanks for the tip :)

  7. Sis . Harga dia memang ikut pada menu tu ke? Means if order lobster original bayar mcm kt menu tu?

  8. brp harga teh o ais ikat tepi tu hehe...


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