Wednesday, October 25, 2017


This year, Aiden finally understood the value of money. When he was younger, he used to think that coins were king. The more coins he had, the 'richer' he became. And then as he matured, he understood that paper money was more valuable (OK I confess, I prodded him down that road; often asking him to ask for paper money instead of coins from Hubby). But then he stuck to the same concept - the more paper money the better. Hence if we were paying parking with an RM5 note and received change of three pieces of RM1, he would get excited, saying that we made money! *smacks forehead*

This year, he finally genuinely understood the value of the money printed on the paper. Must be all those mathematics homework using Ringgit and such. And we can confidently give him coins as part of his duit belanja sekolah cos he now knows how to calculate total and receive change.

Super excited that his name came up in the recent Boost Juice name game. He kept telling everyone that his juice was free and that drinks were 'on him' that day! *giggles*

Recently, we went to a shopping mall as he wanted to buy something for Hubby's birthday. Awww so sweet! (His initial plan was to stick two empty tin biscuits on each end of a stick to make a dumbbell!) *chuckles* He carefully estimated the amount of money he had in his tabung ayam (it was about RM20 in total) and then off we went! Unfortunately he got distracted at the toy shop and used the money for himself instead. *giggles* Well at least it's the thought that counts.

Anyway, he made sure that he stuck to his budget. Since I told him I didn't want to carry his coins around, I told him he could use my money first and then he can pay me back later with his coins. He was genuinely worried, "But when I pay you, you'll have to carry a lot of coins around!" Hahaha in all honesty, I wasn't even planning on taking his money. But hey, I'm more than happy to see him taking it so seriously.

So after Aiden chose his toy, I told Ian that he could choose a toy too. After paying for both, we walked back to the car. During our walk, Aiden asked worriedly, "Mummy, do I have to pay for Ian's toy too?" *chuckles* I quickly comforted him and said no, but I was mighty impressed by the fact that he was worried about the fate of his cash!

And just today, we were at another shopping mall and he suddenly remembered his hutang, and said "Oh no Mummy, I forgot to pay you for my toy!" I think I melted into a puddle on the floor. Cair weih! So proud of the fact that he's a man of his words.

Posing with his favourite Chili's pizza. And his first day at Taekwando class.

We love you so much, Aiden. It has been quite a journey for you this year, blossoming into a very smart boy especially in numbers. Hoping that you'll keep up the good work and aspire to always understand the value of money in the future. Now do you believe that money doesn't grows on trees??!! *smiles*

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