Friday, February 9, 2018

Beard Brothers' BBQ

I received a few emails asking me to review Beard Brothers' BBQ, based on our recent trip as mentioned here.

Sooooo sinful.

Honestly, I'm no food blogger. But I do know how to appreciate good food. And Beard Brothers' BBQ certainly serves good food. Their beef ribs are so tender, your plastic (I repeat, plastic) cutleries will literally glide through the meat.

Beard Brothers' BBQ serves not just beef ribs, but also beef briskets, lamb, chicken and occasionally sausages during the weekend. Cornbread is good too. (Ian walloped two in one sitting!) The side orders are so-so. But trust me, the succulent beef ribs are the real winners here.

We managed to get a beef sausage during this round!

However, do note that this is not a posh place for a first date or anything special like that. Expect plastic tables and fold-able chairs, self serve cutleries and drinks, and canned drinks from a chiller. But don't worry, the food will make up for all these inadequacies. You're here for the good food anyway, not to impress your future better half.

The menu. Hubby and I usually share the Triple Threat. Price may slightly vary depending on the weight of your beef ribs.

Just after the table and chairs, you will see giant impressive meat smokers tucked at the far back. And piles of wood! I was told that the meat is smoked for a good 12 hours, and the whole process from start (marinating the meat) to finish (end of smoking) is a whopping 20 hours! Due to all the work that goes behind the scene, be prepared to pay a slightly hefty price for your beef ribs. But trust me, hands down - it is well worth it.

Weighing our beef ribs.

Rest assured, Beard Brothers' BBQ is completely halal. Heck, the name originated from the owners' facial hair - sunnah nabi, kan? What you do have to worry though, is how fast they run out. I have completely given up on going over on weekend evenings. They sometimes sell out as early as 3pm! If you need to go during the weekend, I suggest lunch (no air-conditioning, mind you). Or do weekday dinners.

Happy carnivore-ing!

Beard Brothers’ BBQ

PG-01, Tropicana Avenue
Persiaran Tropicana
47410 Petaling Jaya
T: 012-319 0962
Open Tuesday to Thursday: noon-2pm and 6-10pm; 
Friday: 6-10pm; Saturday to Sunday: 11am till sellout


  1. lama dah teringin nak ke sini, tak tau la bila nak sampai. macam le jauh sgt pun kan.hahaha...smlm ada on air kuar tv,adeh meleleh air liur.


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