Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Ever since I discovered BIG's 50% rack, I would always make it a point to drop by for a visit. Sometimes I go home empty handed, but sometimes I score BIG time (pun intended)!

Last week, I found this huge tin of pancake and waffle mix, going super cheap. Excitedly brought it home, and we had a pancake feast that weekend! So simple to make too - just add an egg and some water.

Half price!

Naked pancakes.

Drizzled with honey and sliced strawberries.

After such a successful pancake party, my hands itched for some waffles. Unfortunately, I don't have a waffle maker, and I found a Tefal waffle maker going for close to RM200. Scouted around in Lazada, and bought a pretty decent one going for RM79, brand Lebensstil.

Unfortunately, it arrived with a broken handle. *stress* And I haven't found the time to return it to Lazada. *sigh* I recently rechecked Lazada's return policy - it turns out to be in 14 days (I assumed it was 30 days). Oh well, welcome to our home, broken handle waffle maker!

Here's to many more pancake parties breakfast!

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