Thursday, April 26, 2018

Aiden is 9!

April rolls along, and for the first time in a longgggg time, I’m not swamped with party prep. *chuckles* This pregnancy is really turning me into a couch potato!

But I simply cannot let my firstborn’s special day go to waste! So instead of a fancy party, we decided to organize a simple low key brunch with my in-laws at Birch KL. After all, the birthday boy loves the breakfast spread and the burnt cheesecake there.

Missing two more sister-in-laws.

My two boys.

It really was a simple affair. 10 people sitting together enjoying brunch plus each other’s company on an early Sunday morning. Food was good (didn’t really match my baby Melayu taste buds but oh well!) and we had a fun time sampling everyone’s dishes. Hubby and MIL had the Birch Benedict, Ian had the Brûlée French Toast, Aiden and FIL had the Breakfast Plate while my SILs decided to go adventurous with Shakshuka and Morning Glory Bircher Muesli. Pictures ahead:

Enthusiastic photographer in the family.

Aiden enjoying his Breakfast Plate - two eggs on toast, cheese and mushroom chicken sausage, beef bacon, hash, mushrooms and charred tomato. 

Brûlée French Toast - brioche, dulce de leche, charred pear, white coffee crumbs paired with vanilla ice-cream. The charred pears were awesome!

The Birch Benedict and Shakshuka - baked eggs, harrisa spiced tomato and red pepper stew, Greek feta, crispy kale with sourdough bread.


After that, it was cake time! As mentioned in my previous review of Birch, the Burnt Cheesecake is one of the best I've had. Every time we buy a slice, we all end up playing fencing with our forks for dibs on the gooey creamy center. So good! We opted out of buying a whole cake (>RM200) because everyone was too full from brunch, so we ordered three slices to share instead.

Happy 9th birthday, Aiden Irfan!

And then it was presents time! My in-laws gave Aiden a sack of coins (they always do that, I don’t know why - perhaps to symbolize rezeki coming in or something) and Ian was so gutted that he didn’t get one too! Although I explained that his Babang will share all presents with him, he insisted on having one too. He even nicked the coin box and refused to give it back to Aiden. *sigh* This soon-going-to-lose-bongsu-status boy really needs to learn how to share soon!

Ian insisted on making the presents his.

And started sulking after we told him off. *tsk*tsk*

Last photo for brunch.

After brunch, we headed to the nearest ToysR'Us. You see, I had made a deal with Aiden. He only agreed to cancel his birthday party this year in return for a shopping spree at ToysR'Us - within a stipulated budget of course. Oh he had such a good time choosing to his heart's content. He went from aisle to aisle, touching and testing every toy he desired. In the end he decided to get a Nerf gun. But even then, he shortlisted three guns and insisted on watching reviews of each gun before deciding. In the end he went with the most expensive (as expected!), but it was quite a good buy as it was on sale.

His chosen Nerf gun - fastest motorized dart blaster, fires 5 darts per second!

Last photo before we ended the day - matching Onitsuka for the boys. Perhaps I should get one too!

Happy 9th birthday Aiden Irfan. I am so blessed to have you as a son, especially since you made me a mother. Mummy and Daddy doakan the best for you, and we will always be here for you. I hope one day when you discover this blog and read this, you will realize how much we both love you.

Much love, Mummy and Daddy.

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  1. happy birthday ian! would love to try dining there soon :)


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