Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Ian's First Sports Day

My oh my, ever since I announced the pregnancy, this blog has been all about baby AY. I feel like I’ve been neglecting stories about my boys!

So Ian attended his first sports day recently. Back then, I already knew that I was pregnant but did not know the gender, hence had zero interest of blogging about it. Now, I think I owe it to Ian to at least attempt to do so.

The day before the said sports day, we had an early dinner at Citrus in BV2. I needed my share of rice so Citrus was a good choice because it offered a fusion of both local and western dishes. I also ordered a soya bean drink, which is a staple part of all my pregnancies. The drink arrived and upon my first sip, I felt as if the taste was a bit off. Aiden took a sip but claimed that it tasted fine. I did not return it as I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt; perhaps it was just a different brand with a different taste. Aiden then hogged the drink and finished nearly half of the glass, while Ian took one small sip.

Boy oh boy, that soya bean drink really screwed us all. Aiden started feeling sick by the end of dinner and Ian started vomiting nearly immediately after arriving home. Thankfully, Aiden recovered after some paracetamol and vomiting medicine, but Ian just continued vomiting through the night. We honestly thought that we would have to pull him out of his sports day the next day.

The morning of the sports day, we were all zombies from being awake that night; monitoring Ian and cleaning up after his vomiting sessions. But still, we persevered! We cautiously got him ready, lined the car seats with towels, packed a spare set of clothes and a vomiting pail, and off we went to the stadium. Ian’s hands were cold but he refused any form of food/drinks cos he was so worried that he was going to vomit. Poor boy. Texted his teacher to inform her of the situation.

First photo at the stadium. Ian's fingers were dead cold here.

First event was the march past. I was flabbergasted when I couldn’t find Ian in line. Suddenly Hubby (who was outside the hall) sent me a picture. Apparently they kept Ian and a few other unwell kids outside, so they won’t over exert themselves. He eventually joined the rest during the school song dance, but of course nampak lembik lah.

Unwell boys sitting out of the march past.

Finally, it was time for his sports event! Boy oh boy, so proud of my boy! He did so well... siap buat extra than anyone else! The kids were supposed to langkah over two obstacles and then step forward to throw a bean bag towards a target. What did Ian do? He jumped over both, I repeat both obstacles! Dah la the obstacles were close to each other, nasib baik he didn’t trip. Then instead of stepping forward, he maintained his distance at the obstacle, aimed and threw his big bag. Despite the distance, he was quite close to hitting the tin cans but because he was far away, it wasn’t strong enough to topple any of them. But still, good try sayang! Watch the video and see for yourself:

After his event, I thought of picking him up early but his teacher texted saying that he looked fine and even having a hot dog bread as a treat. At the end of the day, they finally released the kids and Ian came bounding out with a huge smile on his face, showing off his shiny gold medal. Alhamdulillah, he survived!

Proudly showing off his medal!

One of the rare occasions that Aiden doesn't have to match with Ian. So he matches with Daddy instead!

Proud of my boy!

Last photo before heading home.

The minute we arrived home, he immediately made his way upstairs. We asked why... rupa rupanya he wanted to go hang his medal with all our running medals and Aiden’s medals. Dah lama dia tunggu to have his own share of glory on that wall. And finally the day arrived! *chuckles* We laughed our heads off at his innocent gesture. Of course, we relented and made space for him to proudly show off his first medal.

Great work, Ian Iskandar! We are so proud of you, as always.

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