Saturday, February 12, 2011

Invitation to an Open Dialogue between Cahaya SPK and Residents

I know most of my silent readers out there are generally Cahaya SPK residents who google things like 'Cahaya SPK blogspot' or 'Cahaya SPK renovation' and somehow or rather stumble upon my personal blog, or the general public who are interested in securing a property in Cahaya SPK.

So, for my fellow residents, on behalf of the Pro Tem Resident Association, it gives me great pleasure to invite you to our inaugaral Open Dialogue between Cahaya SPK and Residents. This is an activity organised by your friendly Pro Tem Cahaya SPK Resident Association (CSPKRA) for the benefit of the whole community.

If you cannot read the letter above (which we sent to SPK earlier this week), see below for the jist of it:


In reference to the above, we would like to inform you that a meeting was held on Saturday, 29th Jan 2011 between the Pro Tem Cahaya SPK Residents’ Association (Pro Tem CSPKRA) and the residents to solicit their views on the recent water supply outage, and a consensus was reached to organize an open dialogue session between the developer and residents. This is in order for residents to seek clarification from the developer on issues which include but are not limited to:

1) Security services and operations including the SOP
2) Ownership of security management and collection
3) Water supply
4) Cracks rectification
5) Clubhouse
6) Second guard house
7) Road lights
8) Drainage
9) Road safety
10) Maintenance of playground
11) House title
12) Status for flyover into Cahaya SPK
13) Status of road from P4 leading to Jalan Shah Alam - Sg Buloh via Sekolah Sri Cahaya
14) Status of slip road towards Sunway Alam Suria traffic lights
15) Mosquitoes
16) School and other amenities

We respectfully request your presence and any other top management personnel who are able to made decisions on behalf of SPK, to attend the dialogue session to be held at the details below:

Date: 19th February 2011 (Saturday)
Venue: Cahaya SPK Clubhouse
Time: 10am

We also respectfully request your assistance in informing the residents (P1, P2A, P2B and P3) of this upcoming dialogue session via your SMS notification system. This is to help ensure adequate turnout for a beneficial discussion.

We believe that this transparent approach is the best way to allay residents’ concerns and secure an outcome that brings benefits to Cahaya SPK and the residents.

So clear your schedule and pencil in this important appointment in your busy calendar. Share your views and let your voices be heard!


  1. alaaaa, been waiting to have this kinda session with the developer, sebab memang banyak sangat nak tanya (ok, actually compliant!) hahaha.. but ada wedding reception on hubby's cousin plak di klang.. will try to attend awal sket, and at least able to show some support for the team's effort.. :)

  2. ohw, this saturday, insyaAllah, akan kirim si Rahman pegi since I bz masak2 for besday..huhu. Our house bumbung bocor sana sini..T__T


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