Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Recap of December

Hey peeps, missed me much?

Anyway, if you haven't heard the news, we have moved (house) and all of a sudden I find myself without a project to work on during my free time! I start to think of topics to blog about when I drive to work each morning (the traffic jam from Shah Alam to KLCC is NOT funny, okay) and thus my fingers have began to itch to write. But of course, blogging about current news just ain't right if the past is merely forgotten, when plenty happened during November, December and January.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year! *grin*

So what exactly happened in December?

1) Just a few days shy of December (2 days to be exact) , 28 years ago, I was born. Didn't make a big hoo-hah about it. Although the big 3-0 is creeping closer and closer *sigh*

The office gang (or what was left of it during the year end) took me out for a birthday lunch. Nyummy crunchy fish that was so scrumptious that I ended up munching on everything including the tail.

Go try it out, Bumbu Desa is available all over Klang Valley, but we went to the one in KLCC.

My Aunt made me my favourite dish for my birthday - lontong! With sambal kelapa. Heaven, I tell you! And guess what she gave to me for my birthday? A mango. Not MNG. But a mango fruit!

2) We finally found the time to bring Aiden to the pediatrician for his one year old vaccination, albeit 7 months too late. The doctor laughed her head off when we told her we were 7 months over the scheduled shot. Sorry Aiden!

Aiden posing in his new Quinny stroller, purchased from Houston. This style isn't available in Malaysia as it is a 4 wheeler. The ones in Malaysia have a double front wheel but they are close together.

Did I tell you that Aiden and I carried 2 big luggages, 2 hand carry, one diaper bag and one handbag throught the customs in KLIA and left the stroller on the baggage carousel? Had to pay RM100 to get them to deliver it to the house!

At 19 months, Aiden is only 11.1kg. *sigh*

Which is why he still fits into this size 18-months Houston Rockets jersey!

3) Hubby and I celebrated our 5th year anniversary on the 9th. The downside to having an anniversary date close to your birthdate, is when your other half decides to merge both celebrations into one dinner. Sheesh. So where did we go? He wanted it to be a surprise, but by the time we passed by the Jalan Tun Razak exit on the Ampang Highway, heading towards Jalan Sultan Ismail, I immediately guessed "KL Hilton or Le Meredian, right?". Of course, I was right (I always am) and we ended up in Senses, KL Hilton.

It has been a while since we had a romantic dinner together (Aiden included, of course), so this was a much welcomed surprise, especially since he dragged me to dinner on a weekday! And since it was such an improptu decision, I didn't really had the chance to spotcheck Aiden's diaper bag hence Bibik did not pack any toys to keep him occupied that night. So Aiden was acting a bit boisterous that night, but what I was most pissed off was when the head server actually came over and told us to shut him up or else we would have to leave the restaurant!

Hell, I was freaking shocked! I'm going to be a bit rude here, but if you don't have any offsprings, don't even dream of telling me to shut my kid up. I am a paying customer, this is not a free dinner we're attending. I have every right to be there. And it was not as if we didn't try to distract him. And I am sure there is a nicer way of telling us to tone it down. Come to think of it, your restaurant should be more prepared for these kind of situations i.e. provide colouring crayons or something for your junior customers!

Anyway, I think she got the hint that I was really pissed so she kept away from our table for the rest of the night and actually sent over some complimentary chocolates. Okay moving on to the food.....

This is a picture of our starter. Very small portion but delightfully delicious. The shell was piping hot when it arrived on our table, the waitress even warned us not to touch the shell. So, thumbs up for food presentation!

This was my main dish (don't ask me what it is called), but it is obviously a steak. Again, small portion and unfortunately the brown jus wasn't sufficient for the size of the steak.

In addition to the complimentary chocolates (which was served on a piece of floor tile - very impressive presentation), they also gave us a complimentary dessert. But they only told us it was complimentary after we chose our dessert and asked for our bill. It was our first time tasting salty chocolate but it was definitely a pleasant experience.

Apart from the incident with the head server, I would definitely recommend the restaurant for its food presentation, taste and of course, ambience.

And as a present for our anniversary, Aiden gave us the most wonderful present. His first word - fish!!!

4) Remember last year's birthday shared by my Dad and I? Well, although last year he promised us all that it was going to be his last birthday party, this year he changed his mind. He wanted another party! And since it was such a last minute decision, he couldn't get a hall for the 29th and had to settle for the 10th instead. And since we are infamous for being such a drama family, nak dijadikan cerita, while we were having our anniversary dinner, my sister called me to tell me that my Dad was in the ICU as his blood pressure went through the roof!

But did that stop him from having his party and birthday cake the day after? Obviously not! Although he did end up inviting his doctor to the party just in case anything happened.

Happy 28th Birthday to myself too!

The performance during that night was... erm.. hot? The belly dancing girls were very controversial hot too!

Us. Handsome son wearing a complete set of vest and tie purchased in Houston.

5) During the birthday dinner, Aiden was already down with a fever. Right after the birthday we drove back to KL (balik hari) as we were going to Kuantan the next day to visit Hubby's grandmother. I could not sleep throughout the night as Aiden's fever got worst and when morning came we decided to stop by the emergency room of Prince Court Medical Centre to check his temperature. He recorded a 39.8degC and was showered with cold water immediately. Right after the shower, we noticed that he had tiny red spots all over his body so the doctor told us to do a blood test to rule out Dengue. Thank god it wasn't Dengue (only a viral fever) but we chose to stay in the hospital overnight just so that he gets the best care.

And boy oh boy, that was such a wrong decision. Not only was it a nightmare when the nurses tried to get an IV line into him, but he developed such a strong phobia that he would literally jump out of bed whenever anyone came into the hospital room (incuding the housekeepers). The nurse couldn't get near him to get his temperature, and he didn't need any medication since his fever had subsided. So there wasn't really a point of staying in the hospital!

Check out the number of toys we had to use to keep him happy.

My poor baby, kena balut macam patah tangan!

Thank god there was a playroom in the children's ward.

He finally slept peacefully that night.

After two nights in the hospital, I was very impressed that Aiden actually allowed this nurse hold him to take the IV line out (while he watched cartoons).
6) The very next weekend, we attended Azalea's birthday party in Ipoh, with the theme Disney Princesses. The invitation said to dress up in your favourite Disney Princess, but no way was I going to let Aiden wear a dress, so he became Superman instead! As for me, I actually forgot to pack my clothes, so I had to just wear my jeans with a baby-T. Shows how your kid's outfit is now more important than your own!

Superman with a crown!

Happy 3rd Birthday Azalea!

Dad and Stepmothers.

The birthday cake.

And the absolutely adorable homemade cupcakes.

Aiden fell in love with the kitchen set that Azalea received for her birthday. Tak macho sungguh Superman main masak masak!

7) We went shopping at the Fella Design warehouse sale! I wanted to find my dream mini storage ottoman to put under my chandelier in my walk-in closet as inspired by Sarah Jessica Parker's walk-in closet in Sex and The City the movie. I love it when she sits on the small bench looking at her wardrobe, and I can simply imagine myself doing the same while I figure out what to wear and which handbag to match it with. *drool*

And I found it!

Well not this one. You'll just have to wait for pictures of the completed house!

Love the Fella Design HQ, it comes complete with a playarea for the kids to roam around while the parents spend their hard earned cash.

It even has a giant elaborate miniature city complete with rail tracks, buildings, the whole works!

8) And last but not least, what a way to close the year 2010: finding out Hubby's condition.

Lamb chop, Prince Court's version of hospital food. Nyummy!

So when will I find the time to blog on a recap of January 2011? Soon, I promise you, soon!


  1. welcome back... :) its good to hear from ya!!

  2. fuh, hilang ngantuk baca your story..

    1) aiden looks so cute with the vest n tie..shomelll suke suke!

    2) euuuww head server tu..mmg minta dibambuu..kalo my hubby sure dia dah kena sembur dah tu..

    3) hepi belated besday! hepi 5th anniversary too! ;)

  3. Am and Farah! Thank you thank you. It is certainly good to be back!!!

  4. Wirda... hahaha I pun hilang mengantuk compose blogpost during office *shhhhh* hehehe

    1) Thank you! Sure kejap jer muat tuh. Kenape la Malaysia takde baju baju comel macam nie.

    2) Yes, memang mintak dibambu. Masa dia cakap tuh I macam tergamam tak sempat nak kata ape. Serious bengang.

    3) Thank you for the wishes!!!


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